Interview with 1-Star National Marketing Director, Sandy Dobson

1-Star National Marketing Director, Sandy Dobson, has combined her corporate training experience with her graduate qualifications in management and communication to pursue her passion. She has invested over 20 years in sales, marketing, training and business development while honing her exceptional customer service skills. Having a natural ability to communicate and build rapport, Sandy’s true passion is in training and coaching to enable others to fulfil their dreams. We chat with her today about her experience and success with Nerium International.

What made you want to start working with Nerium?

I first learned about Nerium though a friend’s social media post. I was curious because it was little bit cryptic and I couldn’t work out what she was doing so I contacted her. Jacki Hendy then introduced me to Kristine Lehmann and Robert Horkings and I became even more curious because these were professional people who already owned successful businesses. I started wondering why they would be looking at getting involved with a Direct Sales Company and thought ‘Wow!, it must be good’, so I jumped right in! I was working in Real Estate at the time and not really enjoying it, I saw this as an opportunity to change my path. It arrived at the right time.

What do you love about Nerium?

The products are truly incredible, I love the fact we have such great partnerships with Cosmax and Signum Biosciences. But I also love the culture in Nerium, that Jeff Olson is the founder and we are aligned with his philosophy of The Slight Edge. Personally I had never heard of the Slight Edge book, but it is interesting when talking to people, just how many people are aware of this work. We are also very fortunate to have our Australia and New Zealand General Manager, Rick Arnold, growing and fostering a fabulous culture here in Australia. When you read the Company Corporate Profile, it is incredibly impressive. Knowing that the founder and all of his executives actually want to see us succeed, gives me absolute faith in the strength of the company.

What kind of people do you think would fit with the Nerium brand?

Anyone with skin! Haha, this is true though! There is such a mix of people in this business, not everyone is happy working 40 hours a week with hours dictated to them. The workplace is changing and Nerium offers opportunity in many ways. People are looking for change, for different ways to earn an income, it could be a young Mum who doesn’t want to return to work after maternity leave, a school Mum who wants to be able to attend all the school events. Others may be looking for true residual income, seeking personal development and growth or they just want reward trips. I mentioned the culture earlier, for me this is a great part of the business, it offers a fabulous community that is always having fun! One might be in their own business but they are not in business on their own.

Can you describe the before and after of trying Nerium products?

I initially tried the Optimera Day and Night Creams. My 10 day results were fantastic with some fine lines already diminishing particularly around my eyes. My partner even said to me after a few weeks “you look different”, it was actually the pigmentation fading in my skin. This is when the before and after photos are really important, I may not have noticed the difference, when you look at yourself in the mirror everyday it is sometimes hard to see the changes. I have particularly found this with some of my customers, sometimes it is the after photo that plays a part in their decision making to purchase. As our newer products have been released and I’ve started using them, I have found my skin improving further, particularly the texture of my skin with the Body Contour Firming Cream. And I love the new Botanical Double Cleanser! This product is the first of its kind, when I initially googled “double cleansing” I was astounded to see all the major cosmetic brands recommending this process but with 2 separate cleansing products! How great is it that we have this ground breaking product in our range?

Why would you want to recommend Nerium products to people?

It is the science behind these products that gives my great pride and posture in recommending Nerium to anyone. These are multi functional products offering exceptional results while addressing many different sign of ageing at once. They offer incredible value for money, when you break down the cost of quality comparative products that may possibly achieve the same results, the dollar difference is ridiculous. And there we have a 30 day money back guarantee, you won’t find this offer when you purchase over the counter!

What criticism or scepticism do you face regarding the products and how do you deal with it?

The only scepticism I’ve had to deal with is one person who didn’t believe the before and after photos that I had taken, she thought they were too good to be true and said they must be photoshopped. There are so many great galleries and now we have the incredible Real Results show reel available through our GoProspect app… I just directed her to the corporate photos and the winners of the 90 Day Challenge. My own before and after photos helped to change her mind, and then she was happy to try the products!

Do you have any last pieces of wisdom you wish to pass on?

Just do it! Don’t reinvent the wheel, Nerium provides all the tools and training you need to become successful in this business. The company has even provided us with a brilliant new Prospecting App and tool in our back office, designed to make the business building process as simple as possible. This business is all about duplication, so don’t make it difficult for your Customers and Brand Partners, look after them but point and direct so they can look after themselves too. Commit to the Nerium Rhythm and the 10 Core Commitments, use the systems that are in place and you will be on the road to success!

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