Own the room at your next Nerium event, with these tools

At Nerium, we don’t just sell skincare. We create a lifestyle for awesome people looking to build their own business, like you.

But you can’t do it alone. This is why we’ve created an online shopping platform, Nerium Store, to help share the Nerium love. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be going through the different products you can use in your marketing – like event items, clothing, branded stationary, and more.

Every item we add to the Nerium Store is vital for every Brand Partner. We’ve chosen these products because they work.

There are many touchpoints to connect with your customers. By making sure you’re subtly putting the brand in front of prospects, you can get people talking about Nerium… and you can help them start the journey.

Business building goodie #1: Tools for events

The next time you’re speaking at an event or hosting a Nerium information session, consider how to visually stimulate your guests. Communicate in more ways than one, by giving thought to the look of the room.

Pull-up banners are a great way to attract attention. Ideal for Real Results Parties, NeriumU nights with the team, Calling Parties, and a range of marketing purposes; add a high-quality banner in the design you love.

Running an event? Why not add registration table runners, too! By ‘dressing’ your registration table in the Nerium brand, you are showing guests your commitment and passion. It helps give off a positive, encouraging vibe.

Last but not least, make sure you have a pile of business cards readily available. Grab a card holder from the Nerium Store to keep them protected and flash that Nerium logo when you get them out. Your card will be something they keep on their fridge, look at every day, and start to flirt with the lifestyle that Nerium offers.

These products will add value to your next event, think of them as your event toolkit.

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