Take Action to Be a More Effective Influencer

Are you a Master Influencer? Influence is about changing minds, changing hearts and changing behaviours to produce meaningful and sustainable results. As we begin a new year, many of us are considering how to make positive changes in our own behaviours to attain new results in 2018. Consider using the change framework presented in the book, “Influencer: The Power to Change Anything,” by Kerry Patterson and others to help you achieve more of your goals this year.

Identify Your Desired Results

First, get very clear on what results you want to achieve. Is your goal to lose 10 pounds by the time you go on the next Nerium incentive trip? Is it to earn twice as much in commissions this year compared to last year? Is it to be a better mother or father for your children? Whatever your goal is, state your desired result in just one sentence. Next, determine what measures you will use to track your progress. How will you know whether you are succeeding and making progress? Is it something you can measure weekly? Daily? Third, consider who is involved in your efforts to achieve these results. Is your family involved? Your Nerium team? Others in your community?

Find and Clarify Your Vital Behaviours

It is crucial to identify the few key behaviours that make the biggest difference in the outcome you desire. Which behaviours most affect success or failure? Next, identify the crucial moments – that point in time where the right behaviour leads to the results you want. As they say, “success leaves clues.” What have you done or what have others done in those crucial moments that leads to success? If your goal is to share the Nerium products with more people this year, perhaps a vital behaviour for you is to remind yourself to smile when you look at a stranger, because that makes starting a conversation more likely. If your goal is to lose weight, perhaps a vital behaviour is to keep healthy snacks in your car so you don’t get hungry and stop for fast food on your way home. In the crucial moments you have identified, what actions need to be taken in order to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome?

Change How You Change Minds

Rather than relying on just one source of influence, explore how you can use the six different sources of influence to better stack things in your favour.

Source 1: Personal Motivation. In those crucial moments, how can you or others take more satisfaction in the right behaviours and develop an aversion to the wrong behaviours? Remembering your why, or your motivation for the goal, is an important influencer. If the desired behaviour is tough or boring, try to add some element of fun, competition or excitement to the activity to keep the right behaviour engaging.

Source 2: Personal Ability. Do you or others have all the skills and knowledge to perform what is required in those crucial moments? If not, how can the skills be developed? Can you break the challenge into mini goals in order to build up the ability to ultimately reach your desired outcome?

Source 3: Social Motivation. Are the people around you in those crucial moments encouraging the right behaviour and discouraging the wrong behaviour? Make sure you gain support and alignment from the people who are closely involved so that you can harness peer pressure to encourage, teach and praise people into adopting the desired behaviours. This is similar to Jeff Olson’s advice to get a “workout partner” as part of the “10 Core Commitments” to success, so that you have someone else keeping you accountable in those times when you are pushed.

Source 4: Social Ability. Do you or others provide the information, resources and help required at those crucial moments? Find ways to make the information or help available just in time for those key moments.

Source 5: Structural Motivation. Are there rewards for you or others for doing the right behaviour? If so, are those short-term rewards aligned with the long-term results and outcomes you desire?

Source 6: Structural Ability. Are there enough cues and reminders around you in those crucial moments to help you stay on course, and make the right behaviour easy and convenient? How can you keep your goal visible in those critical moments? What might you need to re-organise to make the old and less desirable behaviours difficult to continue, but the new and desired behaviours easier, more convenient, and almost unavoidable?

In conclusion, leveraging multiple sources of influence is key to turning things in your favor. Instead of relying on just your own willpower to make positive changes this year, look for multiple ways you can use personal sources, social sources, and structural sources of influence to achieve your goals in 2018 and to become a Master Influencer!