The Power of Nerium’s Team Lifestyle

One of the main issues business people experience when first going out on their own is the lack of support. It’s a big shift to go from working in a team to a solo-preneur. And it’s the part of business that not many people talk about – having people around you to bounce ideas off, talk to, and socialise with.

At Nerium, we do things a little differently.

In a crowded marketplace, the lifestyle that Nerium offers is unique. You get the best of both worlds. Running a business of your own, having a team around you, and achieving that work / life balance that everyone strives for.

Our model can be compared to a vehicle. To make it go, it needs energy. The more juice you give it, the faster it’ll go. You’ll get from A to B quicker. This is how Nerium works.

The coolest thing about this is anyone can do it. All it takes is consistent, hard work. Start sharing the Nerium philosophy and get your first three team members. This is your ‘engine.’ Nurture it, keep fueling your team, and continue to drive and grow it.

From the very start with Nerium, you’ll never be alone. The whole system doesn’t function without a team. Keep adding new people to your business, grow your network and find others who want the same lifestyle.

This is where the magic happens. Be patient, hold your team accountable and work together to reach your dream lives, together. While we always talk about the value of movement and constant growth, slow and steady wins the race. One of Nerium’s core values embodies this, ‘slow down to go fast.’

Back in your Nerium “car”, to go the distance means you need to take breaks. Sit back, rest and enjoy the ride. Plan group hang-outs, celebrate everyone’s wins and offer constructive feedback. It’ll take time, there’s no doubt about it. But your team will grow into having a life of its own.

Just like own founder Jeff Olsen says, “it’s the steady, repeated action of water that can wear even the hardest rock to a smooth surface. Whatever you’re after, whatever you want to create in your life or whatever kind of life you most passionately want to live, the slight edge is the way to get it.”

Show up, do the work, and have faith. As cliché as it sounds, it’s these daily habits that get you one step closer to reaching your goals.

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