Nerium’s Training Event Series aimed at that Business Edge

That edge. It’s easy to spot. All eyes are on that person. They have an undeniable x-factor. And while some are just born with it, the great this is, you can learn greatness.


It starts with mastering our own mindset. Once you do this, the sky is the limit for what you can achieve.


Get the Edge, our new leadership training event, does just this. It’s only open to Nerium Brand Partners and there’s a qualification process. The event, to be held in Sydney and Auckland, is designed to develop leaders of the future. With the best in the business leading the show, Get the Edge will help accelerate your business growth.


Leadership isn’t about delegating. It’s empowerment.   


The importance of upskilling is often not spoken about enough. There’s the initial training, followed by a few months of learning – and that’s it. To be successful in business, you need to refine your skills, no matter what stage you’re in – newbie or kickass leader.


Successful leaders don’t point fingers, instil fear or use other tactics to achieve quick results. Rather than ‘push’, they ‘coach’ their team on the path to success. When issues come up, they’re openly discussed, without blame. Great leaders see where the breakdown’s happened, and ensure it doesn’t happen again.


Forward thinkers, they’re focused on developing skills, not just using them. Happiness and progression is equal to achieving results. Workloads are shared and there are development opportunities.


What’s your leadership style?


You, and other Brand Partners, love teamwork. That’s one of the reasons why Nerium appeals to you. The great thing about the structure of Nerium is anyone can become a leader, with a bit of hard work.


Get the Edge is an opportunity to refresh your knowledge and grow your leadership skills. We’ll explore your unique leadership approach and build upon that. And for your team, Nerium’s future leaders, the skills, strategies and stories are equally as important.


Here’s what you’ll learn at this year’s Get the Edge, the first for Australia and New Zealand;


  • Leadership training
  • Power-packed business building tips
  • ‘How to’ insights from top leaders
  • Compensation plan strategies
  • Sponsoring techniques
  • Inspiring testimonials
  • Product training, new releases & updates
  • Entertainment & team building.

Want to secure your ticket? Encourage your team to come along, too. This conference will not only shape how you lead, but improve the knowledge, confidence and adaptability of your team. Check out the qualification requirements and FAQ document in your back office.


Get the Edge Sydney will take place on Friday, August 18-19, at Rydges Paramatta. For our New Zealand Brand Partners, it’s on August 26.


Just look at how Jeff Olson built the business we’re all working in today… through great leadership. You can do it, too.


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