Nerium International is coming to Europe!

We will be hosting our first ever Nerium International Market Party Tour throughout Germany and Austria! Chief Field Officer and Co-Founder, Mark Smith will be speaking in multiple cities to spread the word about how you can build a successful business in Europe.

Mark these dates on your calendar and invite your prospects to hear the good news about Nerium’s International growth!

  • Saturday, October 7: Vienna, Austria
  • Monday, October 9: Berlin, Germany
  • Tuesday, October 10: Hamburg, Germany
  • Thursday, October 12: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Saturday, October 14: Cologne, Germany

Travel Tips for Austria & Germany:

Hello: “Guten Tag” (goo-ten tahk) – German

Thank you: “Danke” (DAHN-keh) – German

Currency: Euro (€) – tipping is widely accepted

What to eat in Austria: Weiner Schnitzel – This classic Austrian dish is a very thin, breaded and deep fried schnitzel that is made from veal. Frankfurter – This unique Viennese sausage is the customary fast food around town, and locals eat it on the go because it is readily available everywhere. Apfelstrudel – One of the best known Austrian pastries is the Wiener Apfelstrudel.

What to eat in Germany: Spätzle – Traditional Swabian Egg Noodles, the famous Bratwurst sausage and the world famous Currywurst, an institution in Berlin.

Current Season: Autumn – The weather’s changeable, the lakes are chilly and the hiking’s excellent. Sights are open and less crowded. Radiant foliage, with temperate weather ideal for outdoor pursuits.

Passport required


Stay tuned for more details about the Pre-Launch Market Party Tour!