Suit up! In your best white outfit.

Yep, you read that right… all white!

We know what you’re thinking: white is never a good colour to wear when you’re going out. But it does make for good photos. And it’s a tradition that’s infamous with Nerium parties.

Our Australian Grand Opening will be no different. At the end of our event, we throw away our pens and put on our dancing shoes. The celebrations will kick off at 8.00pm, on Saturday March 25th.

Think, Diner En Blanc, but with a whole lot more singing. There will be local live band, The Cast – an eccentric mix of singers, performers, and musicians.

Chloe Castledine and the rest of the artists will have you zig and zagging to blues, swaying to soul, and rocking to your favourite dance anthems.

As the night goes on, keep those laces tight. DJ Panda Tronic will have you moving late into the night with his electronic vibes.

The man himself, Jeff Olson, will follow Nerium tradition, belting out Sweet Caroline at the end of a huge night. You know those songs that just bring everyone together? Like Queen and ABBA? Well, get ready to extend your arm and form a giant circle.

It’s the perfect way to demonstrate the loving, caring and sharing feeling that’s synonymous with the Nerium family.

Get your camera ready for Instagram-worthy piccies that won’t even need a filter. There’s just something about an all-white party that screams ‘I wanna be there!”.

Let your hair down after a successful weekend and socialise with your new Nerium friends. Make the final night of the Nerium’s Australian Grand Opening one to remember.

You don’t have long left to grab your ticket. Get in now at, then go shopping.

It’s the white party that’s never seen so much colour.