Who’s speaking at the Grand Opening?

Good things happen when you put awesome people together in one room. People connect, collaborate, inspire and create things. And that’s what you can expect from Nerium’s Australian Grand Opening.

We all know the saying: ‘It’s who you know, not what you know.’ Well, our event brings both these components together – the who and the what, to make you an unstoppable business leader.

It all starts by presenting the best show for you, with global leaders. You’ll hear from some of Nerium’s biggest successes, network with other guests, and walk away with new insights, knowledge and drive to grow your business.

So, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag.

Who’s speaking at the Australian Grand Opening?

We hope you’re sitting down for this.

First up, Jeff Olson. Need we say more? Well yes, because there are so many great words about this guy. Let’s welcome the Founder and CEO of Nerium International to our beautiful country and listen to his story. What’s more, Jeff will also be running a signing session for his book, The Slight Edge.

Then, it’s over to Maxwell Stock, the President and CEO of Signam Biosciences. Maxwell will share the science behind Nerium.

We’ll hear from Nerium’s number one earners, Mark and Tammy Smith. This power couple will motivate you with their inspirational presentations. Deborah Heisz, President and COO will talk about the amazing work the Nerium Ripple Foundation is achieving. Rick Arnold, GM of Australia will be up on stage as well.

And just when you thought you couldn’t get any more Nerium goodness, there’s the Leaders Session. Senior Directors have a unique opportunity to learn about what’s happening at Nerium in an intimate setting with our U.S. speakers, before anyone else.

The Leaders Session will be held on Friday 24th before Session one. Visit our website for more information. Plus, stay tuned for even more speakers about to be announced.

How often do speakers of this calibre all come together to inspire and guide? Once in a lifetime.

Learn (and earn) from the best. Get your tickets today at neriumevent.com.