If there’s one thing GenY know how to do, it’s party. And that’s exactly what the next generation of Nerium in our Young Entrepreneur Program (YEP) will be doing.

At the Australian Grand Opening, there will be a YEP reception. Our Yeppers will be rubbing shoulders with other go-getters at this networking party for young Nerium professionals. Executives and leaders will be there, too, sharing their wisdom with the future vision for Nerium.

Who’s a Yepper?

Yeppers are between the age of 18 – 35. They’re fearless, love life, and have this undeniable zest for life. They’re creators, no excuse makers.

Nerium’s Young Entrepreneur Program is a chance for anyone to be part of our incredible team along with an opportunity to earn an amazing income. And, most of all, have fun doing it.

While almost every young person would love to be their own boss and travel the world, it takes a specific type of person to become a Yepper. That energy, drive, and work ethic. It can’t be taught. It’s something we have inside of us. The YEP is about finding it and providing the support needed to channel that energy into greatness.

When is it?

The reception will be held on at 10.30pm on Friday, March 24th. It will start directly after Session one finishes on Friday. Kids these days, they go all night – so we’ll keep the lights on until close.

The reception will kick off at the Lady Daly Hotel in the beer garden, of course. This hotel is located directly next door to the venue. There will be a DJ spinning the records and turning the Yeppers into groovers. Catch DJ Panda Tronic before he hits the main stage at Saturday’s White Party. And just in case they’re needing an energy boost (unlikely), canapes and finger food will be available.

Know of any other young guns ready to take on the world? With that unique personality that sets them apart? Are they ready to start building their business? I bet there’s one that springs to mind. Tell them about it. Talk about being a ‘Yepper.’ At the very least, they’ll love the name – that you’re talking their ‘language.’

And, go!

Register your details for the YEP reception HERE

Times running out – book your tickets for Grand Opening HERE