5 Star National Marketing Directors, Rob and Nicky Horkings are absolute superstars in the Nerium Family. We were lucky enough to have a chat with them recently where they told us about their journey and let us in on a few of their secret weapons!

How did you get to know Nerium? What made you want to start working with them?

Rob: For me, it all started with a phone call that I received from a friend of mine, introducing me to the Nerium company. Then after doing my homework on the company, I hopped on a plane and went to the United States and met with Nerium Founder Jeff Olson and his number one distributor Mark Smith. Jeff not only introduced us to this fantastic company, but also educated us on life-changing strategies from The Slight Edge.

Nicky: On my side, Rob had started talking to me about the company and told me “You need you to come to the States because I want you to meet Jeff Olson, I want you to learn about the company because this is really what we need to do.” He actually called me from the Grand Opening in South Korea, he said “Nick, we seriously need to look at this. There are close to 26,000 people here, seriously, look at it.”

At the time, we had our own IT company, and I was more focused on that. But when he said, “Hey I’m taking 20 people to the United States to attend the company convention, and I want you to come along and have a look at it”, I couldn’t say no. So, I went to the States, met up with Jeff Olson and of course, just walking into that auditorium, with thousands of people, hearing from amazing people on stage talking about the Nerium products, I just thought ‘wow, now I know why Rob is so excited about this company.’

What do you love about Nerium?

Nicky: The main things that I really love about the Nerium range is the science behind it and the philosophy that Jeff Olson has created.

When you’re sitting down with someone, you can’t help but gush about Dr Jeffry Stock and the Nerium Co-Founders, talking about where they’ve come from and what they’ve created. Jeff Olson has been a leader in the industry for so long that he knows what the industry needs and delivers it. So, whenever he does something, its coming from a different point of view, not from a corporate point of view, and that really makes a world of difference.

Rob: I am fanatical about the SIG sciences through the Optimera range and the products that we now have here in Australia are second to none. We truly we have the latest technology in the global world of the beauty.

What kind of people do you think would fit with the Nerium brand?

Nicky: There’s one line that we always use “Everyone that has skin, can use Nerium.”

When I talk to someone about joining Nerium, I’m looking at every aspect of that person. We have people from so many different walks of life who are looking to join that would fit perfectly with the Nerium brand. Whether it’s a stay-at-home Mum, a corporate person who’s wanting to escape the rat-race or someone who just wants a bit of extra income. I always say, you’ve just got to watch the YouEconomy video to see that the traditional jobs market is changing. Everybody is looking for an alternative, everyone wants to be at home with their family, take their kids to school, travel, do things that they wouldn’t necessarily get to do. A lot of people out there are just tired of being broke, living from one pay packet to another, having more week at the end of the week and having no money to go along with it. So, I believe the opportunity is for everybody.

Rob: From my side, I always talk to people about how we have underpriced products, and undervalued ingredients. I believe that for what we’ve got we certainly give so much more than what the price represents. So Nerium is really for anyone who wants products that produce amazing results.

Can you describe the before and after of trying Nerium products?

Nicky: I would have to say that you can’t deny the compliments you get. When you get people coming up to you and saying: “Hey, your skin looks great, have you been on holiday?” You know that it’s working.

But this is where the before and after photos really show their value. Every single day you’re looking at yourself in the mirror and you see the same face. But when you’ve been using the product for a while and you decided to take your after photo, that comparison speaks volumes.

Rob and I went to a Real Results Party recently for three amazing ladies who have signed up Brand Partners and Preferred Customers with the power of their amazing before and after photos. Every single product had a before and after shot of some of their customers and Brand Partners that have been using the products. So I always say, the proof is in the pudding. Proof defeats doubt.

I think that it’s important that we follow the system in the way that it has been created for us – because that’s what’s going to create the business for you, whether it be through Preferred Customers or Brand Partners.

Why would you want to recommend Nerium products to people?

Rob: The core reason why I believe you recommend the products is that you believe in the product and know that it’s going to give them the results they need for their specific skin concern. Like Nicky said, you see the results through people’s before and after shots and you want to be able to spread that happiness and confidence to others.

Nicky: That’s right, everything is based on results – those before and after shots. If we can keep on getting people to do that then the proof in these products will defeat any doubt.

What criticism or scepticism do you face regarding the products and how do you deal with it?

Nicky: I can honestly say that I have had no criticism about the products. On the other hand, I’ve had people that have been a bit sceptical because when you show them the before and after shots they think it’s too good to be true. If someone says to me “Hey Nick, that looks just too good to be true!” Or, “it looks like it’s photoshopped”, my advice to someone is try the products and take that photo in the same light or the same room that you took the before shot, and then do the after shot. That’s the only thing I think I’ve had someone say to me, the photos look so good that they can’t be true. And that’s not being negative, and I know those photos are for real, because I’ve seen so many amazing before and after shots, and results speak louder than words.

Rob: Because Nerium has the biggest before and after gallery online, it’s very easy for somebody to go and compare their own body or skin to someone else that looks like them.

We love that through the 90-Day Challenge, Nerium encourages customers to share their results so that everyone can celebrate together and spread the message to so many others. And can you think of any other company that offers you the chance to not only show off your results but you can win a prize for having the best result?

Do you have any last pieces of wisdom you wish to pass on?

Nicky: Here is a secret weapon of mine: when talking to someone about Nerium for the first time, always refer them to www.signumbiosciences.com. Telling people about exclusive ingredients and double-blind studies helps to validate that trust with the brand. It shows that the studies have been done independent of Nerium and Signum Bioscience have staked their reputation on these studies, they’re putting their name and integrity on the line to support Nerium products.

It is important to use the tools that we have at our disposal, you don’t have to create any tools, the tools are all there. Another of my favourites is the YouEconomy video, use that when you’re prospecting.

Rob: Pointing and directing is key in the business. Simplicity is key in the business. You don’t need to become the scientist, let the tools do the work for you. We have an incredible system that has been provided by Nerium – if you use and duplicate the systems, you’ll get success out of the program.

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