Nerium’s New Zealand tour leg. Taking off, now!

Who ever said March was mad definitely hasn’t experienced Mad May.

With Nerium’s recent launch over in New Zealand, we thought it was time to take our team over to our island neighbour. Our senior executives and highest achievers in the field are touring New Zealand this month to meet and great amazing new local people.

The country’s $1.9 billion p.a. direct sales industry is currently growing every month – an average of 15% growth in the last decade. The sales force is increasing with it, at 40% per year. With our No. 40 ranking on the 2015 Direct Selling News Global 100 List, we want to make sure New Zealand can enjoy the opportunities in our company.

And hey, having fun is in our blood.

This is the first time that our head office has visited New Zealand.

Bring your team along, get inspired, and kick start your May. It’s a great opportunity to let your team experience the energy that we’re famous for. We want to introduce the opportunities to as many creative, go-getters as possible.

Learn about the opportunities directly from our Australian head office leaders. Keynote speakers will include:

    • Rick Arnold, General Manager of Australia & NZ
    • Emily Arnold, Marketing Manager of Australia & NZ
    • Rob Horkings, 5-Star National Marketing Manager
    • Kevin Goodwin, National Marketing Manager

When does the tour kick off?

Our New Zealand tour dates are as follows:

Monday, May 8, Christchurch – Book now
Tuesday, May 9, Wellington – Book now
Wednesday, May 10, Rotorua – Book now
Thursday, May 11, Auckland – Book now

Book your team in. You won’t look back. When it comes to your career journey, this will be the game changer. The moment when everything changed.

Not in New Zealand, yourself? If there’s someone that pops into your mind to take your place, invite them along. They can tell you all about it.

Whatever you do, get your tickets today.

When you put Kiwi’s and Aussies in the one room, you know it’s going to be a good time.

Don’t forget your pen and paper. You’re going to need them.