How These 3 Anti-Ageing Products Will Protect Your Skin

By October 19, 2018Product

Nerium - Skin PurgingDo you know about these anti-ageing gems?

It feels like we all reach this point, at one stage or another. We look in the mirror and start to notice differences in our skin. Maybe there’s a line that’s starting to form on your forehead or discolouration on your right cheek.

And while it didn’t emerge overnight, it sure feels that way. Because, ‘why am I only noticing it now?’ You’ll probably start researching anti-ageing products, right? And not too long after, your ‘anti-ageing’ search loses its lustre and you become super stressed by all of the options available.

Your anti-ageing search isn’t helping that wrinkle, is it? It’s hard enough to settle on an anti-ageing brand, let alone try to decipher which one of the many products available is best for your skin. We didn’t want you to feel this way, which is why we have a smaller anti-ageing product range than other brands you might see.

We only have one anti-ageing cleanser, one eye serum, one illuminating pre-lotion oil and, of course, our famous Age IQ moisturisers – the only anti-ageing creams we sell. And if you want to keep your anti-ageing skincare regime simple, we have a three-set package that’s perfect for you.

If you only do two things, it’s this: cleanse and moisturise.

And you don’t need to go on a wild goose chase, anti-ageing style, to find these two products. We have them in a package for you – the day cream, night cream, and double-cleansing face wash. Every effective anti-ageing regime starts with a good face wash, as you know. You need to prep your face to leverage the powerful anti-ageing components of Age IQ’s day and night creams.

Our double-cleansing face wash cleans, then rebalances the skin, so it has a pH that’s harmonious. It’s a great product that cleans then prepares your face for age-fighting (whether it’s day or night). What are these anti-ageing powers, you ask? Well, you’ve probably heard us talk about our individually-curated botanical ingredients before.

Our anti-ageing products have all the essentials, like vitamin E, green tea, jojoba esters, peptide blend, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, and the collagen-producing COQ10. But it’s our exclusive blends that really make our anti-ageing line different to anything you’ll see. For example, SAL-14, a proprietary botanical blend featuring the antioxidant bidens pilosa and mauritia flexuosa fruit oil to help address existing signs of damage.. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

If you’re stuck trying to find the best anti-wrinkle products for your skin, order this set. And we’re offering it under our 30-day money guarantee, so stop worrying, pretty. We’ve got you (and your skin) covered.

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