The Best Antioxidants That Slow or Reverse the Signs Of Ageing

The antioxidants that make up the best anti ageing cream

Our skin gets weaker as we age because of a loss in elasticity. It thins out and shows the signs of ageing – wrinkles, lines, crow’s feet, dark circles, and puffiness. Yet, the rate of this process is different for everyone. And we’ve got free radical activity to blame for this. Hence, the reason why starting on the best anti ageing cream as early as possible is a good idea.

What are free radicals?

We’ve spoken about them before but here’s a refresher. Molecules produced by environmental exposure cause free radicals which are harmful to the skin. Smoke, radiation, UV rays and unhealthy foods are a few of these causes.

Antioxidants, however, are naturally occurring substances that protect you against the damage free radicals cause. This is why you’ll find a long list of antioxidants in the best anti ageing creams on the market. Let’s go through a few of the antioxidants that you should look for when choosing from the best anti ageing creams.

  • Vitamin E

Found in foods like vegetables, seeds and meat, vitamin E helps maintain a younger complexion by increasing collagen production. It’s also in many of the best anti ageing creams, like ours.

  • Green Tea

Also, a superfood (or drink, we should say), it’s a powerful inclusion to an anti ageing diet (and in the best anti ageing cream). Catechins, the antioxidant in green tea, clears cell damage and repairs wrinkles. It also minimises sun damage by targeting inflammation and free radicals.

  • Vitamin C

As well as your freshly squeezed morning orange juice, get a double dose of this powerful antioxidant by using the best anti ageing cream. It’s known for its age-reversing power. It works in two ways: boosting collagen formation and also, as an antioxidant. Of course, it’s a leading ingredient in Age IQ, the best anti ageing cream.

  • Niacinamide

This B3 vitamin is famous for its anti-inflammatory and depigmenting powers. It’s also been found to maximise the skin’s tone and reduce the signs of ageing. You’ll see this in the ingredients in many of the best anti ageing creams.

All of these antioxidants are in the best anti ageing creams today. Some other popular antioxidants found in today’s best anti ageing creams include lycopene, coffee berry, resveratrol, grape seed and genistein.

SIG-1273®: The best anti ageing cream ingredient

Nerium’s Age IQ (the best anti ageing cream) is the only moisturiser with the patented and exclusive, dual-action molecule that acts as an antioxidant and skin protectant. Free radicals don’t stand a chance. This is why we can call Age IQ the best anti ageing cream there is. No other formula has SIG-1273®.

SAL-14™: The second Nerium-exclusive ingredient

It’s a botanical blend that features the super antioxidant bidens pilosa along with mauritia flexuosa fruit oil to help address existing damage and add moisture to the skin. Age IQ is the only moisturiser that features SAL-14™.