The Best Face Wash to Reduce Pore Size

Who knows what pores are? “Something to do with my skin, right?”

You probably know pores affect your complexion, but how? We get this question a lot, so we want to explain what pores are, instead of just saying we have the best face wash for them. Pores are the opening at the top of the hair follicles where particles can pass. It’s where the sebum is released and naturally moisturises your skin. This is why the best face wash is important to use to keep them clean and healthy.

So, to sum up, pores are hair follicles and require regular cleansing (with the best face wash) to minimise their appearance. Environmental factors, ageing, dry skin and oil can also increase their size. Genetics play a role, too.

Ever done a pore strip on your nose?

We know. Ouch!

So, use the best face wash instead.

There are plenty of pore-reducing nose strip products out there but, what about the rest of your face? Switch that strategy to using the best face wash. You can minimise pore appearance by keeping your face clean, removing makeup, oil, dirt, and debris properly.

Don’t forget applying sunscreen every day to avoid collagen breakdown (which the best face wash will remove at the end of the day). Exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores, but don’t go overboard here. But most importantly, choose the right products, starting with the best face wash.

The best face wash has ingredients no others have,

Introducing our proprietary Sea3C™ blend.

Our best face wash has all the features of oil with the fresh sensation of a foam. It’ll remove everything that needs to be off your face (before applying Age IQ night cream). It has a pH that works in harmony with your skin and perfect for all skin types (dermatologist tested).

Cool, it sounds great. But what makes it the best face wash? For six reasons, actually. The frontrunner is Sea3C™, our exclusive blend of sea whip extract, betula platyphylla japonica juicem and raffinose. Its moisturising power will have you yelling “best face wash ever!”

There’s also coconut-derived surfactants, which gently cleanse the skin. Then glycerin that’s sourced from lipids, the skin humectant that absorbs moisture and supports its natural barrier. Rosemary leaf oil further conditions while niacinamide helps tone the skin. Last, but not least, in the best face wash, a masking agent that calms and soothes. Talk about a bedtime ritual.

Still not sure this is the best face wash for you? There’s also grapefruit, japonica juice and citric acid. We call it the best botanical face wash for very good reason. It harnesses nature’s best to leave your complexion looking and feeling great.

We know you’re going to think it’s the best face wash, too, especially when you can order it under our 30-day guarantee program. Get ready to feel as clean as soft as a baby’s bottom.