The Botanical Face Wash For All Skin Types

By November 22, 2018Product

Nerium’s double cleansing botanical face wash,

Approved by dermatologists.

We’ve all done this before. Grabbing the first cleanser we see because we’ve run out. As long as it cleans my skin, that’s all I care about.

Sound familiar?

This is the teenage or early twenty-something mindset. When we’re this age, we don’t give much thought to why a botanical face wash might be better. Usually, we don’t have too much disposable income and, if we do, a botanical face wash isn’t on the top of the spending list. Are we feeling it, ladies?


Let’s all be clear, though. You need to think about your skin type and this isn’t something that comes to mind often (unless you’ve got obvious acne or blemishes). Our Nerium clinicians envisioned creating a botanical face wash, just one product, that worked for all complexions. And we did it.

Oily, dry, sensitive or combination,

This botanical face wash is for you.

You probably know what we mean when we say a botanical face wash. It’s a solution made from naturally-derived ingredients. We gave our product its name, the double cleansing botanical face wash, for good reason.

We’ve designed it to work in two ways: First, to remove oil-based impurities and makeup. Then get deep down into your skin to give that clean, soft feeling. Apply the botanical face wash to dry skin first, then add water to form that milky texture.

Now, what gives this botanical face wash its natural strength?

Rosemary oil, clary sage oil, and coconut-derived surfactants, just to name a few. The wrinkle-reducing glycerine and toning agent, niacinamide, both take a starring role in this cleanser.

But what makes our botanical face wash, unlike any other, is Sea3C™ – an exclusive blend of sea whip extract, betula platyphylla japonica juice and raffinose, which moisturise the skin, even before your lotions.

It’s really the wash that does it all – gently cleansing to remove makeup and the effects of air pollution, harmonising your natural pH levels, and prepping your skin for moisturising.

Choosing the right botanical face wash is easy,

You’ll never have to shop around again.   

The cool thing about our range is you don’t have to choose from dozens of botanical face wash options. We’ve created one powerful product that works for all skin types, at any age.

Order your botanical face wash today with Nerium’s 30-day guarantee. We offer this so you can try it, without worrying whether it’ll work for you. We know it will but we want you to experience it, first-hand.

Nerium’s double cleansing botanical face wash: the first step in your daily skincare routine.

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