The Dangers Of Using Any Face Lotion

By November 19, 2018Product

You’ll know if you’ve picked the wrong skincare lotion.

Have you ever broken out after using a new skincare lotion? It might have even surprised you because it was a popular brand. Why is this happening to my face, you growl at the mirror.

There could be one ingredient in the skincare lotion that doesn’t agree with you. It doesn’t need to be an allergy, either. You might just be sensitive to it.

Skincare lotions and moisturisers can be tricky to match to your complexion.

In summer, you want a lightweight skincare lotion. Then, winter calls for a deeply nourishing texture that won’t clog your pores or give that yucky, oily feeling. Most skincare lotions unfortunately don’t make the cut.

The biggest risk of using just any run of the mill skincare lotion brand?

It might moisturise your skin (temporarily) but it won’t empower it. Standard supermarket skincare lotions don’t include any anti-ageing ingredients that heal and energise your face.

Ingredients like peptide blend to minimise the look of fine lines and wrinkles, sodium hyaluronate to bind water to the skin for greater volume, and paeonia albiflora root extract for that undeniable youthful plump skin.

And we can’t forget all those amazing antioxidants, like vitamin E to protect from UV damage, vitamin C for its skin-brightening properties, and the famous CoQ10, supporting collagen production.

Your skincare lotion should provide instant hydration, as well as protection against the physical signs of ageing.  If yours does this, great. But if it doesn’t, it’s time to look at lotions that embrace the best of nature.

Age IQ: The skincare lotion set that’s perfect for any skin, in any season.

When choosing your skincare lotion, it all comes down to ingredients – not the brand or how prettily they packaged it. Get into a good habit of checking the ingredients before you make a decision which skincare lotion you want.

But you won’t be sure that the skincare lotion is best for you until you try it. We believe that our age-defying Age IQ skincare lotion set one of the best there is, and not just because of the wrinkle-reducing ingredients we use. With Age IQ skincare lotions, you don’t need to worry about using anything else.

No matter what skin type you have, where you live or season you’re in, Age IQ skincare lotions will work. This has been tested (and proved) by dermatologists, as well as, literally, millions of Nerium advocates worldwide.

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