The Easy Way To Transform Your Skin In 90 Days

By November 16, 2018Product

Want healthy skin? Focus on both the inside & out.

Starting with your skincare products.

We all know there’s no magic skincare product that works overnight. Good things take time and this is certainly true for botanical skincare products. While they do make your skin look wonderful straight away, you’ll notice their power over the long-term.

Our skincare products are known for their transformational qualities. The proven, age-defying ingredients that we use to curate our suite of skincare products are designed to empower. You’ll not only see the difference after using our skincare products but feel it, too.

We strike the balance between science and nature, with skincare products that have been exclusively developed to serve a distinct anti-ageing purpose. Think of Nerium’s skincare products as wellness tools that have been rigorously tested by the world’s top tier universities, researchers and internationally recognised biotechnology labs.

Update your skincare products to Nerium’s,

Then do our 90-day challenge.

See real results from millions of people around the world using our skincare products. They’ve all taken part in Nerium’s 90-day challenge and have seen incredible changes in their skin, all thanks to our skincare products (and making lifestyle changes, too).

What skincare products do you need? Grab our Age IQ day and night moisturisers, the Double Cleansing Botanical facewash, and Age-Defying Eye Serum. These three (four, if you include the two moisturisers) skincare products will target both current and future signs of ageing. You already know the good stuff that’s in these skincare products that empower your skin.

Now, let’s help your skin from the inside.

With Nerium’s skincare products taking care of your face and body, you can focus on healing it from the inside with your lifestyle choices. Think of it as an ‘inside-out approach.’

Did you know, your skin and gut are closely linked? A healthy gut is super important for a glowing complexion. Stressful lifestyles, medications, toxins and poor food choices all weaken your immune system (and skin).

How, you ask? These factors accelerate chronic, degenerative diseases that tamper with the essential friendly flora needed for your digestive tract. The population of bacteria in your GI tract controls your skin’s overall health and appearance.

Avoid sugary and starchy foods that inflame your body. Learn more about your digestion and how to balance it. Try to stay off drugs like antibiotics and birth control pills. Take probiotics and focus on increasing your intake of healthy fats and oils. Hello avocados, coconut oil and olive oil.

Reduce stress wherever you can. Oh, and take your vitamins and adaptogenic herbs to help the body cope with busy modern life. Vitamin B-complex, turmeric and amla will reduce inflammation. And, our skincare products will do this topically for you, too.

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