What Are Your Essential Skin Care Products?

Your daily regime: Clean, hydrate & protect

Scroll through Instagram or flick through a magazine and you’ll probably feel that dreaded FOMO. You want it all. That outfit. Those shoes. That new skin care product. But, if you follow everything that you’re told you need, you’ll run out of space (not to mention money).

When it comes to your face, it’s best to follow a minimalist mindset. There are only a select few skin care products that you need to achieve a great glow. Let’s run through the skin care products to use, why they’re a must, and what they do for your face and body.

Skin Care Product #1: Cleanser

When it comes to cleaning your face, you need more than just water to wash away your day. At night, the skin care products you use are important. A face wash will remove dirt, grime, makeup and sunscreen that’s on your face. You need to clean out impurities and prepare your face (and body) to re-energise and ‘heal’ overnight. Listen to what it’s ‘telling’ you. If it’s agitated, dry, red or leaves an oily residue, maybe it’s not for you – even if it’s the ‘best’ face wash. Dry, sensitive types usually gravitate towards creamy, milky lotions. Naturally based, botanical face wash products are great. If you wear heavy makeup, consider cleansing twice. You can even use baby wipes to remove your eye makeup, but be careful as you apply them to this delicate area. No pulling, rubbing or being impatient with your eyes.

Skin Care Product #2: Moisturise (x2)

We all know the importance of moisturising. But, we’re not often told the value of hydrating for different times of the day (and night). A good anti-ageing cream will combat dryness and keep you looking youthfully dewy. But the protection it needs in the day is different to that at night. Choose both a day and night cream that’ll protect you in the day from urban stressors and sunlight, then fight the signs of ageing at night… tightening, firming and transforming it.

Skin Care Product #3: Serum

A newcomer in the skin care products world, serums target pigmentation, enlarged pores and fine lines. Usually, they work a little harder than a moisturiser to resolve issues and brighten your complexion. While it does have hydrating qualities, think of it more as a shield against environmental stressors. Use it in the morning.

Skin Care Product #4: Eye cream

Your eyes need to be treated with a special product that’s designed for that area. It’s extremely prone to wrinkles and has fewer oil glands, so an eye cream is a non-negotiable for every regime. Pick a cream that’s packed with antioxidants to help minimise fine lines and wrinkles. If you can, use less (or no) eye makeup so you’re not subjecting this area to rubbing every night.

Skin Care Product #5: Sunscreen

This is often thought of as secondary, or separate, to our skin care products regime. But as anti-ageing advocates, at Nerium, it’s not. Every morning, apply a high-coverage sunscreen after your day moisturiser to actively prevent those wrinkles and sunspots.

Throw on a serum or face mask, do an exfoliating session, and put cucumber on the eyes regularly to give your skin some extra lovin’. Jazz up your skin care products and give your face a fruity scent. Also, listen to what your skin’s saying? Acne? Redness? Puffy eyes? Dryness? Don’t ignore it.

Get into the habit of looking at the ingredients list in skin care products and never assuming. There are many skin care products on the market, remember to keep it simple. You can get all age-defying skin care products from us: your botanical face wash, day and night cream, face, and eye serum – and, of course, our other anti-ageing legends like firming moisturisers, eye patches, and skin balancing lotions with probiotics.

Defy the odds, with Nerium.

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