How Nerium’s Botanical Face Wash Encourages A Youthful Complexion

Not all cleansers are created equal

There’s no denying the organic movement. Now, there are more naturally-based food, skin care and cleaning products than ever before. It’s an amazing time because it’s never been easier to live consciously and healthily.

But this is not to say that all botanical face wash products, for example, will work the same way. Plenty of brands promote a natural and organic essence and, while those products are better than before, it doesn’t mean they’re botanical face washes. They simply have fewer chemicals (replacing them with organic concoctions).

Again, it’s great news, but don’t be fooled by green, “natural” design packaging. The only way to tell if it’s a botanical face wash product is by doing your homework. Make sure that whatever you’re cleaning with will do what it needs to (clean), but also prepare you for the next product: moisturiser. A botanical face wash will do this well, without harming or agitating your face.

Double the cleanse, double the effects

All cleansers will remove impurities from your skin (well, we hope they do). But our botanical face wash takes it one step further. Being anti-ageing advocates, we weren’t satisfied with just any botanical face wash – so we perfected a blend that cleans, moisturises and gives your skin that youthful look. This botanical face wash prepares your face for the next wrinkle-preventing product in your regime.

In our botanical face wash, there’s a range of carefully-curated ingredients designed to cleanse your face, then hydrate it. Glycerin and niacinamide give our botanical face wash its preventative powers. Sourced from lipids, glycerine is a skin humectant supports your skin’s natural barrier. It attracts water from the air into the skin’s outer layer (as well as preventing moisture loss). Niacinamide is one of the best ways to tone your face, among many other skin-restoring benefits for ageing, compromised skin.

Very few botanical face wash solutions have these two ingredients in it. But there’s only one blend that we know and that’s in our botanical face wash: Sea3C™. It’s a combination of sea whip extract, betula platyphylla japonica juice and raffinose – which works to provide a level of moisture that no other botanical face wash can.

Re-think the role of your cleanser. Yes, it should remove every impurity from your face but, also, plays an important part in maintaining that youthful glow. This is precisely what ours does.

Grab a bottle today with our 30-day guarantee. Oh, and if you can, take some photos before you start, so you can compare your skin in a few weeks. Trust us; you’re going to want to do this.