The Importance of Day And Night Cream

Do I really need both day and night cream?

Some things are just better when combined. Salt and pepper. Girls and shoes. Cocktails and the beach. The same goes for your day and night cream.

You’re probably not questioning the importance of your day cream, your regular moisturiser. But the thought of needing a night cream has probably crossed your mind. It’s okay, we get you. You want to be as minimal as possible, but your day and night creams aren’t something you want to choose between. Your skin has different needs, based on what you’re doing. For example, walking the city streets vs. sleeping. One activity requires protection, while the other is time for healing.

Why you need separate day and night creams,

The different roles of your AM and PM lotions.

There are two key features that separate day and night creams. Daytime moisturisers protect you from environmental stressors. They tend to be more lightweight and easy to apply sunscreen and makeup over, without looking shiny. Night moisturisers are thicker and contain ingredients like retinoids and glycolic acid – which are designed for night use because they can make your skin sensitive to the sun.

While day and night creams share some ingredients, they do serve different functions. A day cream combined with sunscreen will protect you from the sun and oxidative stress, and act as a powerful antioxidant (for age-reversing). At night, your moisturiser will heal, tighten, tone and empower your skin.

Our Age IQ day and night creams make it easy to take care of your face. Both hydrate your skin, boosts cell removal, and fights the signs of ageing. The day and night cream products have a different consistency to achieve this. For example, the night version has a mask-like feel to ensure optimal ingredient delivery over a six to eight-hour period (and guards your skin from ‘pillow’ wrinkles).

The day and night cream set for 24-hour protection, healing & reversing.

Our day and night cream will empower your skin, no matter what time it is. Get peace of mind knowing whatever product you’re using, the day or night cream, it’s what’s best for your skin at that moment.

TC3-Armor is one ingredient that sets our day and night creams apart. This exclusive blend is in the night cream – trehalose, glycerin and chia seed extract that rids your skin of stressors accumulated during the day while acting as a shield from environmental impurities. Whereas the day version has CoQ10, an antioxidant that also helps support natural, healthy collagen production.

Go about your workday and sleep like a baby knowing our day and night cream duo is looking after your skin. Feel (and see) just how much of a difference it makes using separate day and night creams.