The Importance of Following A Skin Cleansing Routine

By September 26, 2018Product

You know what to do: cleanse, tone & moisture,

And it starts by having the best face wash.  

It’s like the golden rule of good skin: Cleanse, tone and moisturise. You do these three things and you’ll have that enviable glowing complexion..

But is it that simple?

Yes. And no.

Yes, it’s important to do these three things. But, it doesn’t mean you need to have three products. Choose the best face wash that’ll deeply clean your skin and remove all the impurities from the day. The best face wash will do this and prep your face for stage two, the toning. Products like our Age IQ day and night duo lotions celebrates the work of the best face wash.

The cool thing about this set is it includes ingredients designed to tone your skin, such as centella asiatica. This way, you’ve got the best face wash (like our double cleansing botanical cleanser), a moisturiser and toner (in one), and you can add a third product, like an eye serum.

As you can see, with a skincare regime involving numerous steps, the first one is essential. This is why choosing the best face wash is critical. Do you wear makeup or work in the city? There’s no way to avoid your skin coming into contact with pollution. But, by using the best face wash, you can remove it as soon as you get home – then promote the effects of that best face wash with step two and three.

We’ve all been here, waking up with a face of (cakey) makeup.

It happens, especially after late nights where you had a little too much to drink or had a busy day and forgot to wash your face before bed. But you certainly don’t want to make it a habit.

Even the best face wash won’t give you that energised look once you wake. You’ve got to make use of the hours while you sleep. Let your skin breathe by using the best face wash, day and night.

What can happen if you don’t use the best face wash or forget to take care of your complexion after a long day?

Many things, actually. But, topping that list are breakouts, irritated eyes, chapped lips, styes, cysts and issue with makeup absorption come morning. Then, all the things that the best face wash and anti ageing products aim to reduce – like enlarged pores, dry skin, and wrinkles.

If you don’t use the best face wash (naturally derived) and choose a lotion that tones, hydrates and revitalises, you might suffer from these skin issues, too. Sleeping with makeup on, night after night, will lead to wrinkles and fine lines. Cleansing, with the best face wash, is the simplest yet most powerful part of your skincare routine.

Rest your pretty head after a long day, knowing you’ve got the best face wash, with Nerium’s double cleansing botanical cleanser.

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