How to Know If A Firming Moisturiser Is Working for You

The good (and bad) parts of moisturising

Unless your moisturiser is causing your skin to flare up, it’s good, right? Well, yes and no. From the way its standout ingredients glides onto your skin, there are many ways to judge the effectiveness of your firming moisturiser.

We know your firming moisturiser should promote hydration, help rebuild a barrier that protects your skin after you’ve cleansed, and of course, firm and tone. Get a product that’s too thick and heavy, and it might clog your pores. Or, go too light and you risk parching your skin. Now, you know all about choosing a firming moisturiser that complements your skin type, but let’s go through how to tell whether that product is working.

Does your firming moisturiser tick these boxes?

Your skin will ‘tell you’ whether the products you’re using are helping or hindering you. Go through these points to get a glimpse into the quality of your firming moisturiser.

  • No greasiness. Max hydration.

This point is particularly crucial for oily complexions. Your firming moisturiser shouldn’t make you feel like a greased pan. There’s a difference between a beautiful shine and visibly oily skin. A natural cleanser is an essential pre-step before your applying your firming moisturiser. Make sure your face is freshly washed and ready to reap the hydrating benefits.

  • No winter dryness or flakiness.

Even when it’s cold outside, your firming moisturiser will lock in water, so it doesn’t look dull and ‘thirsty.’ It traps your body’s natural oils with ingredients like hyaluronic acid – a natural compound of our skin that attracts and holds water up to 1,000 times its weight in a single molecule. This is achieved, of course, without the oily residue.

  • No blemishes, red spots or discolouration.

Your firming moisturiser should fight the appearance of uneven skin texture, discolouration, dark spots and enlarged pores. It’ll empower your body to heal, especially overnight, to help maintain that youthful, acne-free complexion.

  • No itchiness or irritation.

Is your skin turning red or irritating you after you use firming moisturiser? Fragrances are guilty of this, so make sure your lotion is natural, scent-free and hypoallergenic. Check the ingredients list of everything you put on your skin. If you see fragrances, dyes, preservatives or harsh exfoliants, consider switching firming moisturiser.

Your firming moisturiser should go on easy, without any issues. So much so, minutes later you could forget you’ve applied it.

As you know, the firming moisturiser you use on your face will be different to the lotion for your body. Try our Firming Moisturiser Body Contour Cream that’s powered by the exclusiveSAL-14 extract to tighten, improve cellulite, and hydrate your bod. It’s got nature’s best in it – caffeine, white willow bark, green tea, forskohlii root oil, aloe leaf juice, and shea and cocoa butters. Then, for your face, you’ve got your Age IQ firming moisturisers for day and night.

Be smart, stay firm from head to toe.

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