How to Know If Your Anti-Ageing Cream Is Working

By September 22, 2018Product, Skin Care Tips

Is my anti-ageing cream working at all?

There are some products that you can see the results from almost immediately. Dry skin? Moisturiser will fix that. Want longer lashes? Apply mascara. But when it comes to other solutions, like your anti-ageing cream, it’s harder to determine its effectiveness after using it just once.

Yes, anti-ageing creams can brighten your skin and give it a younger-look, but it takes time. If you’re using serums, eye lotions, body moisturisers and any other type of anti-ageing cream, you’ll need patience.

The cool thing is, if you buy products packed full of nourishing ingredients, it’ll show instant results in other ways. For example, our Age IQ anti-ageing creams target current and future wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. It boosts the skin’s natural powers to combat oxidative stress and reduces that less than sexy discolouration.

Environmental impurities that accumulate on skin throughout the day are also targeted (then removed).

But ingredients like sodium hyaluronate binds water to the face for increased volume and firmness, and peptide blend gives your skin that instant smoothness. Aloe barbadensis leaf water takes care of adding the moisture and hydration.

The anti-ageing cream that works like a daily moisturiser…

While reducing your effects of ageing.

So, while there’s no magic anti-ageing cream that’ll instantly turn back the clock, there are products like Age IQ, that do this when used over period of time (usually years). And you’ll look good in the meantime, thanks to the botanically-based, age-defying ingredients.

If you’re doing all the right things like eating well, managing your alcohol intake, exercising and staying protected in the sun, you’ll help empower your skin (while your anti-ageing cream is doing its thing).

The most important thing, when using an anti-ageing cream, is that you listen to what it’s ‘telling’ you. How is it performing on your skin? Is it satisfying all the things that you need in a daily product? That is, hydration and moisture, smoothness and softness, and a healthy-looking complexion. You know your body best, so observe how your anti-ageing cream is performing on your face.

We’ve had some great customer results with our Age IQ anti-ageing cream set. In a recent study, 97% of our participants reported healthier-looking skin, while 88% said their complexion was brighter. 94% started to see a reduction in fine lines, too.

But we want you to try it and see how it works for you. Order one of our anti-ageing creams under our 30-day guarantee program and, if you don’t love it, return it.

Although, with 100% of those participants experiencing a smoother skin texture, we think you’re going to be happy.

Start with our most popular anti-ageing cream set, Age IQ. See what it’s like to have an anti-ageing cream that does it all – moisture and maintain, help and heal.

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