What to Look for In a Night Cream

You’d be forgiven for thinking there’s just one type of moisturiser that you’re meant to use. Day and night creams aren’t often spoken about. Rather, that you simply need to keep your skin hydrated with a good lotion.

But as we get older, our ears prick up when we hear conversations about looking after our skin. With our 20’s behind us, skincare products like night creams aren’t just a luxury. The become essential part in what we do every day.

Okay, so what is a night cream? Put simply, a night cream moisturises your skin, but it also doubles as an important product in your anti-ageing defence. Night creams are usually a thicker consistency and richer in texture, so absorption is slower.

A night time routine needs to go beyond cleansing and your regular moisturiser. A night cream will help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to fight the day. It has specific ingredients that empower your skin to self-heal overnight. It does its magic while you’re sleeping. Just think of all those hours of deep hydration that your skin experiences. By using a regular moisturiser instead of a night cream, you’ll lose hours of nourishment.

The easiest way to look younger? Stay hydrated.

Dry skin ages faster. With your skin being the biggest organ, it needs to stay hydrated at all times (especially for those eight hours while you sleep). No matter what skin type you have, it’s important to invest in a quality night cream to provide as much moisture to your skin as you rest.

If you’re in your early 30s, this is the perfect time to start (or earlier if you’re reading this in your late 20s). So, you know you need a night cream in your skincare regime but what should you look for?

For that younger, healthier-looking reflection when you look in the mirror, find a night cream that has botanically based ingredients – not only to heal your skin from the day’s stressors but also targets the signs of ageing and protects you as you sleep.

Our Age IQ night cream is the yin to the day creams yang. The TC3-Armor removes impurities that have agitated your skin during the day, via an exclusive blend of trehalose, glycerine, and chia seed extract. Paeonia albiflora root extract gives you that plump look while aloe barbadensis leaf water and sodium hyaluronate hydrates you.

SIG-127 and SAL-14, two of our patented blends, fight the signs of ageing. Age IQ night cream is a moisturiser, a shield against your pillow, and a wrinkle and line fighter. No night time routine is complete without it.

Give your skin a few minutes of love every night before bed and you’ll notice the difference in your morning complexion. Clean away dirt, smoke and makeup from the day with a deep botanical cleanser, then onto your night cream for its healing properties.

Maximise your beauty sleep with our Age IQ night cream.