How to Make Shopping for A Face Wash Simple

First, recognise that all face wash products do different things

There are gels, exfoliating scrubs and cream-like consistencies – and they all serve their purpose. The style of face wash that you choose will come down to personal preference, but it’s good to have an understanding of what you’re looking for.

Let’s ponder for a moment, all the things you come into contact with every day. Step outside of your house and there’s pollution that you can’t avoid. It’s in the air. It’s in your office. It’s even in your home. We know, it’s enough to have you running for the bathroom to use your face wash (again). Your skin gets clogged with dirt, grime, bacteria, dead skin and oil. A good face wash will first remove all of these impurities, then prepare your skin for moisturising. If you wear makeup, your choice of face wash is going give your lotion a run for its money – vying for top position in your skincare regime must-dos.

Backed up pores? That’s where the trouble begins

We’ve spoken about the sebaceous glands before. The Journal of Lipid Research explores the many functions of sebum. Binding dead skin cells and encouraging oil to travel via hair follicles, sebum is a natural skin-protector. It also delivers antioxidants like vitamin E to the surface, aiding in skin health.

But this is where a quality face wash comes in. If your pores are clogged (by oil and environmental pollutants), the process backs up. And you know what breeds? Bacteria. Then blackheads, cysts, blemishes and acne. If you have oily skin, exercise a lot, wear makeup or spend time in the city, you need to get your face wash right. Seriously, gals.

When choosing a face wash, your skin type matters

It sure does. This goes for everything you put on your face. The safest bet is to go with products that are fragrance-free, gentle and dermatologist-approved. Avoid the oily or acne-specific face washes. They’re usually full of chemicals and won’t be kind to your skin now, or in the future.

But do I get a face wash with little exfoliating beads or a mask-like consistency? Would a cream or oily delivery work better? We’ve made your decision making easy with one face wash product that’s scientifically proven to cleanse your face, removes pollution before it causes damage, and has a pH that works with your skin. Oh, and it’s dermatologically-tested for all skin types (this is why we only need one face wash in our range).

Grab your double-cleansing, botanical face wash today under our 30-day guarantee program. Apply it to dry skin first, to get rid of all those yucky oil-based impurities and makeup, then lather it up baby. With water, the face wash turns into a milky sensation for the deepest clean.

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