Make Supple Soft Skin a Reality with A Firming Moisturiser

By October 26, 2018Product

A firming moisturiser. The best workout buddy.  

If you’re one of those superhumans who find the time to exercise every day, hats off to you. Our lives are busy enough and it’s easy to get off-track with working out. Aim to exercise at least three times a week but of course, the more you can do the better.

But, if you get home from work at 7.00pm and find it difficult to go out for a run or do a gym class, especially in winter, there are products that can help you stay toned.

Nothing will replace working out but using a firming moisturiser helps, reducing cellulite and embarrassing body dimples.

Improve your body contour with Nerium’s firming moisturiser.

Our firming moisturiser is clinically tested to tighten, firm and tone problems areas. You know the spots. On the sides of your thighs. On your stomach. Under your arms (that jiggles as you wave). This firming moisturiser soothes and hydrates your skin, while targeting those areas that you don’t love.

Ingredients like caffeine, white willow bark, forskohlii root oil, green tea, shea and cocoa butters as well as aloe barbadensis leaf juice, give this firming moisturiser its powers. It’s like no other firming moisturiser on the market today, particularly with its leading Nerium-exclusive blend, SAL-14.

SAL-14 is q proprietary botanical blend featuring the antioxidant bidens pilosa and mauritia flexuosa fruit oil to help address existing signs of damage.This firming moisturiser is the only lotion on the market that has SAL-14 in it.

As a society, we tend to focus on the face when it comes to ageing. Why? Because this is what the world sees every day (more than somewhere like our thighs). But by adding a firming moisturiser into your skincare regime, you can empower your whole body (not just your face). The key to maintaining that youthful full-body look is moisture and firmness. As we age, the level of coenzyme Q10, our body’s natural skin firming component, starts to reduce. This is where the power of a good firming moisturiser kicks in.

And one like Nerium’s firming moisturiser keeps skin soft and supple.

Step out of your shower and apply Nerium’s firming moisturiser. Give it a try for a month (under our 30-day guarantee program) and see how your body feels. Apply it while your body’s slightly damp to aid in the absorption.

Remember, it’s not just your face that’s prone to fine lines, wrinkles and discolouration. Protect your neck, arms, stomach and legs, too, with a firming moisturiser.

If parts of your body are sensitive to skincare products, you won’t have an issue with Nerium’s firming moisturiser. The botanical ingredients are gentle on the skin and have been proven to work on all complexion types.

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