Match Your Skincare Products to Your Age

Do the skincare products on your bathroom shelf reflect your decade?

Just like your clothes and style matures as you do, your skincare products will, too. Using Clearasil might work for teenagers, but someone in their 30’s or 40’s will have different skin requirements. We’ve spoken about this before, but creating your own skincare products regime is essential in your anti-ageing fight.

You’ve probably got dozens of questions floating around in your mind. Should I continue exfoliating? How often should I apply a face mask? Do I really need a toner?

Tailor your skincare products to your age

20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 60+…

The best thing you can do is listen to your body and make sure the skincare products strategies you take, to care for it, reflect your age. For example, in your 20’s, you’re probably jumping for joy because acne is no longer causing you anxiety. This era is notorious for dry skin. Why? Because we tend to love trying the hottest skincare products, almost like a game of hopscotch. But as we near the end of our 20’s, we need to get serious about keeping wrinkles in check – opting for skincare products that contain vitamin C and E, green tea extract and fruit acids.

In your 30’s, you’ll notice your body’s metabolism starting to get slower. While this will probably make you change your diet a little, it’s also a signal to invest in skincare products with collagen and elastin to keep the skin plump. Vitamin B3 (nioacinamide) is the ingredient you need in your skincare products. It’ll accelerate your metabolism like coffee does to your bowels. Those lines will start to deepen, too, especially around the eyes and mouth, so your skincare products must provide deep hydration.

Then, there’s your 40’s. Elastin levels continue to decrease, so you won’t have that same bounce in your skin. Check that your skincare products have retinol, glycolic acid and peptides in them to give your skin cells regular boosts of energy. Your diet is essential (nearly as much as your skincare products) at this stage, so choose foods that help fight wrinkles – like garlic, green tea, raspberries, olive oil, salmon and beans.

Your 50’s, 60’s and beyond brings menopause and a serious fight against gravity. But don’t worry – this is why you start early with anti-ageing skincare products.

There aren’t many skincare products out there that work for any type of skin (proven by dermatologists) and suit ages 20+, through the following decades. At Nerium, however, we’ve spent 20 years researching the different components of ageing – and have since developed intelligent molecules for our skincare products that help prevent and reverse wrinkles, lines and other signs of age.

A 20-something can start their fight early with our skincare products (like Age IQ), while someone in their 50’s can benefit from the age-reversing components – boosting collagen, locking in moisture, toning, tightening and adding volume.

Staying young has never been simpler with our suite of any-era skincare products. Start with your Age IQ set, then add other Nerium skincare products like cleanser, eye serum and body toner, as you need them.