Skincare, Makeup and Pretty Things: Interview with Beauty Blogger Rana

Next in our series of interviews with Australia’s beauty aficionados, Nerium talks to Rana of the Instagram and blog Makeup & Pretty Things. This 20-something makeup lover and mom is like many of us in having been inspired by the impressive breadth of beauty vloggers and makeup artists online to pursue and share her own interests with the world.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where did your interest in makeup and beauty start? What inspired you to start your blog?

I have always loved makeup and beauty but have not always been good at it. I have followed YouTube beauty gurus for many years and have always been intrigued in the concept of makeup. I have learned so much about makeup and beauty over the years. I have always imagined myself working in the beauty industry at some point in my life. I really wanted to somehow share what I love. I wanted to share my experiences, thoughts and reviews. Since starting my Instagram and blog, I have enjoyed every bit of it. I love interacting and communicating with all the beauty lovers out there, because everyone has their unique thoughts and experiences, and you get a chance to learn something new everyday.

What’s your personal, day-to-day skincare and makeup routine?

As I am always on the go and busy, I look for products that are really effortless and convenient. Every morning I cleanse, tone and moisturise. I love cleansing my face straight after getting up for that fresh and clean feeling. I then tone my face to feel more energised, and then I get to my favourite part of skin care–moisturising! I generously apply some moisturiser on my face and neck for great hydration. I have really dry skin so I need to lather up that moisturiser every single morning.
I love using the Nerium Day Cream because it gives my face a smoother appearance and makes my skin feel so supple. It also reduces the signs of ageing so that is an added bonus. For my night time skincare routine, I remove my makeup, cleanse and moisturise. I use the Nerium Night Cream, a beautiful way to end a busy day. This one provides healthier looking skin. I love waking up the next day feeling rejuvenated.

What couldn’t you live without in your skincare and makeup routine?

I would never ever skip the moisturiser, brows, lashes or highlighter.

What do you think of your experience using Nerium’s Day and Night Creams?

I have been using the Nerium Day and Night Creams for several months now and my skin feels a whole lot smoother and tighter. I had a few smile lines and they have decreased over the few months I have been using these 2 products. I truly believe that having smooth skin changes the whole makeup game. It allows your makeup to settle and go on flawlessly.

What else is a part of your routine to improve your skin health?

I want to start using serums and oils for my face and neck because I have really dry skin, these adhere on a deeper level. I also want to start putting on some eye cream to make my eyes feel and look more awake. And diet! Diet is very important when it comes to healthy skin. I have decreased the amounts of sugar I consume in my diet as they cause me a lot of breakouts and clogged pores.

What are your biggest skincare and beauty concerns and how do you deal with them?

I suffer from dry skin, so I lather up that moisturiser as much as I can all day everyday to keep my skin smooth and soft. My other skin care concern is rosacea. This is a permanent redness in the face that I can never get rid off. I use some neutralising coloured makeup correctors, specifically the green tone to cancel out the redness on my face, just before I apply foundation.

What skincare tips do you live by and would recommend for others?

The tips I live by include:

  1. Removing your makeup before bed
  2. Moisturising, especially in Winter!
  3. Exfoliate your face once a week
  4. Decrease sugar intake to lessen breakouts
  5. Apply sun cream on your skin if you are out in sun for protection
  6. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate! Water is the best for healthy and glowy skin

We’re so grateful to Rana for taking the time to talk about her experience in the beauty sphere!

You can follow her at @makeupprettythings_ on Instagram, and on her blog Be sure to read our other influencer interviews for more beauty and skincare insights.