Every team needs a leader who builds them up. For sporting teams, it’s a coach. For businesses, it’s a manager. For Nerium, it’s you, our Brand Partners.

Team building is an effective way to unify people and foster company culture. Whether it’s a short lunch, a day out of the office or something cool like matching Nerium T-shirts, team building is essential for any kind of team.

It’s those small things that go a long way, when it comes to showing your team you care. With Nerium, your team are your Brand Partners. You wouldn’t be able to grow without them.

One thing’s for sure – personalised team building exercises can have a meaningful impact on your Nerium business.

Creating a tight-knit team to achieve results

Get to know your team. What do they like doing? Is there an activity that they enjoy in their down time? A restaurant they like? Do they appreciate things or gestures?

Keep these in mind when thinking about ways to reward and motivate your people.

At Nerium, we’ve built our entire business by investing in our people. And we want to help you do this, too. In our new online platform, Nerium Store, we’ve added a range of merchandise for team building.

Check out these three products:

  1. Nerium Australia Shirt: Have your team clearly visible at your next event. Put a ‘Nerium Australia’ shirt on their back.
  1. Live Happy T-shirts: Perfect for International Happiness Day, run an event with your team and wear those T-shirts loud and proud.
  1. Mini Notebooks Pack: At your next NeriumU party, make sure all your team are taking notes by giving them a mini notebook each. They’re easy to slip into any sized bag, so there’s no excuses for ‘forgetting a notebook.’

Instinctively as humans, we want to belong to something. Belongingness is a human emotional need to be part of a group – something greater than ourselves. This is why teamwork is so powerful. It gives us a collective belief and purpose.

Tap into this, with awesome merch.

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