Love the Skin You’re In This Valentine’s Day

By February 12, 2018Promotion, Wellness

With photos of models, celebrities and successful people literally at your fingertips (on your iPhone), it’s easy to fall into comparison mode.

I want her hair, my skin never looks that clear, I wish I looked that good without makeup, I need to lose weight.

That inner voice goes on and on, unless you learn how to control it. Here’s something that might surprise you. That annoying, negative voice? It’s you, not a stranger from above telling you what you can and can’t do. It’s easy to start believing that ‘person.’ But when you understand that it’s not anyone, you take away its power.

Be grateful. Get perspective.

Life is too short to be at war with yourself. Your body is the most important (and only) thing you’ll ever truly own. There’s nothing wrong with your skin, hair or weight. Often, it’s just the pressure of society and ourselves, too. Forget about being perfect and celebrate your individuality instead. Peel back those layers that society has placed on you over time (without you even knowing) and cherish your body.

We know, it’s easier said than done. How can I love that pimple on my face or that short haircut, you think. When that spot comes out on your forehead, look at it as an opportunity to find out how you can improve your health. Appreciate that your body’s telling you there could be an imbalance with something you’re eating. Maybe you need to slow down a little bit and manage your stress.

Recognise the difference between real life and the media.

Women have an amazing skill of putting unrealistic expectations on themselves. They compare themselves to the made-up, photoshopped model in a magazine or on Instagram. But this isn’t reality.

Treat your body to nourishing food, regular activity, and natural products that are on your side. Care for your mind and soul by spending time with high vibrational people and practising mindfulness.

Of course, it’s normal to want to look your best. But there’s much more to beauty than what you see in the mirror. Everyone’s idea of beauty is different. Don’t fall, under the pressure of what you’re subtly told. Embrace your genetic makeup that make you, you.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we have a challenge for you. Make the 14th your day. Take yourself out on a date and think about all the things you love about yourself. All parts of you… physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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