Top Beauty Trends in Singapore

With every big city, there’s air pollution (even in pristine Singapore). Not only is there traffic, buildings, transport systems and planes flying overhead, on top of the rife environmental factors, there’s the added stress from the effects of living the city life; like overworking. That’s where an anti-ageing skin-care routine using Nerium comes in.

We’re thrilled to have just launched in Singapore, one of our favourite Asian cities. So, next time you wake up with puffy eyes, dry skin or you’re starting to notice those fine lines… Nerium is there for you, in your bathroom cabinet.

If you’re just starting out on your Nerium journey in Singapore, to help you out we’ve put below some of the top beauty trends that you’ll see in Singapore.

#1: Dewy, desirable skin

With beautiful, dewy-skinned celebrities and models gracing magazines and blogs, this look is in right now. That foundation-tinted moisturiser pairing has become a staple in Singapore women’s handbags. It’s fast-becoming the most essential accessory. To help achieve fresh, dewy skin that shines through your tinted moisturiser, apply Nerium’s Illumaboost Brighting and Shield.

#2: Botanical products

Anti-ageing solutions like Nerium, that combine the best of science and nature, are taking hold of the beauty market in Singapore – the promise of a supple, glowing complexion. Natural, flawless-looking skin that complements skin and hair types. Adding a UV protectant to your morning routine is extremely important to prevent the skin from darkening.

#3: Eyebrow microblading

Show off that beautiful skin by keeping your brows looking fab. One trend that’s hot in Singapore right now is eyebrow microblading. It’s a special form of artistry that, while not new, has become popular. It’s a technique using a small hand tool with micro-needles to deposit pigment underneath the first layer of skin. It’s a meticulous process to perfect that luscious look, without having to fill them in every morning yourself. Also, brushed-up, bushy brows are cool again.

#4: Charcoal face masks

Avocado, cucumber, peppermint and now charcoal. It seems with face masks, the weirder the ingredient, the better. Activated charcoal is an all-natural ingredient that detoxifies the skin, absorbing toxins and pollutants – a God send for those dirt-clogged city pores.

#5: Clean, light skin

We’ll see a move away from the contouring palette, giving way for a more natural, let your skin breathe look. Instead of the heavy makeup, pamper yourself with all the skincare you want to keep that lightweight, luminous style. No cat eyes or outrageous colours. Strip it right back. At the end of the day, to protect and clean your skin from your daily make up, use Nerium’s Double Cleansing Botanical Face Wash.

Love the city but not what the fast pace does to your skin? You just need a little bit of help.

Walk out of the apartment feeling as fresh as the morning breeze off the bay.