The 5 Ingredients That Accelerate Skin Ageing

By October 25, 2018Skin Care Tips

You won’t find these ingredients in our anti-wrinkle creams.

Hey there, beautiful. So, by now, you probably know a bit about anti-wrinkle creams and what they do. We always touch on the natural ingredients that make a good anti-wrinkle cream.

Nerium’s anti-wrinkle cream, Age IQ, springing to mind? Great. These next-generation anti-wrinkle creams (and the rest of our skincare) are packed full of trehalose, glycerin, chia seed extract, bidens pilosa, mauritia flexuosa fruit oil and aloe leaf water.

Wait until you see the power of these anti-wrinkle cream ingredients on your skin.

Alright, now let’s flip this and talk about the dangerous, chemical ingredients that you’ll never find in anti-wrinkle creams, especially Age IQ. These ingredients not only fail to moisturise and nourish your skin (like an anti-wrinkle cream will do), they’ll actually weaken it.

And you know what follows – wrinkles, fine lines and dryness. The ingredients in these standard products do the opposite of an anti-wrinkle cream. So, what are they? Let’s look at five ingredients you need to avoid.

  1. Sulphates

This harsh, corrosive ingredient is often found in cleansers and washes. Make sure it’s not in any of your skincare products. You wouldn’t put something on your face that’s also used to scrub floors. Yep, we’re serious. Avoid sulphates and put a bottle of anti-wrinkle cream on your bathroom shelf instead.

  1. Alcohol

The chances are low that you’ll find alcohol in anti-wrinkle creams. But, it’s a common ingredient in supermarket-bought lotions and cleansers. Check for these descriptions of alcohol: SD alcohol, ethanol, methanol, benzyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol.

  1. Fragrance

While it’s always nice to smell good, it shouldn’t be at the cost of your skin. Why damage your body when you can use botanical products with natural, fruity scents?

  1. DEA, MEA & TEA

DEA, MEA and TEA don’t just dry your skin and cause allergic reactions (hello redness and inflammation). It’s been proven that they’re linked to cancer. All of these things affect the way you look and more seriously, your health. Stick to safe anti-wrinkle creams, please.

  1. Chemical sunscreens

Okay, we’re talking about lotions, but this one’s important to mention. There are chemicals in sunscreens (and lotions with a sunscreen component) that cause radical-free damage when exposed to sunrays. Good anti-wrinkle creams do the opposite – preventing free radicals from wreaking havoc in your body (and to your skin). The dangerous chemicals to look out for include oxybenzone, benzophenone-3, and octyl methoxycinnamate.

Yuck, right? Don’t compromise your skin. Rely on scientifically-proven, natural ingredients in our anti-wrinkle cream, Age IQ.

Anti-wrinkles. Anti-pain.

Just wait and see the results, after just a few weeks of using this anti-wrinkle cream.