5 Tips to Reducing the Effects of Rosacea

We know you’re not blushing

While a little bit of redness is cute, Rosacea is a whole other thing. If you have this condition, you’ve probably spent lots of time, trying to cover up those red patches. But you shouldn’t have to cover it up. Instead, use a skincare lotion to treat it.

We’ve spoken about Rosacea before and how it’s a skin condition that causes redness and visible blood vessels in your face. It can look like acne or an allergic reaction, but of course, it’s not. Rosacea can flare up for weeks, then go away for months. It requires an ongoing treatment approach – using a good skincare lotion with anti-inflammatory properties.

Rosacea can occur in anyone, Treat (and prevent) it with a skincare lotion.

While there are more extreme options than investing in a skincare lotion like antibiotics and lasers, we believe the natural way is best. This includes a two-pronged approach: a good skincare lotion and diet changes.

The causes of Rosacea vary from consuming spicy foods and alcohol or being exposed to temperature extremes and sunlight, through to certain cosmetics and drugs (that dilate blood vessels).

Even your emotions can play a part in Rosacea breakouts. When looking at your diet, make sure you avoid possible triggers such as hot, spicy food and drink. It’s the heat that causes the flushing. Identify any trends in your diet that cause your skin to break out, then remove them. The best foods are organic vegetables and fruit, healthy fats, high-quality ‘clean proteins’, and anti-inflammatory foods (turmeric, garlic, onion, carrots, tomatoes, and green tea).

Cleaning & moisturising is extra important for Rosacea-prone skin, get yourself a natural skincare lotion.

For your skincare lotion, choose one with natural ingredients. Hydration is key for Rosacea sufferers. You need to strengthen your skin’s barrier. Spend the time cleaning and moisturising dry, rough, and patchy skin to reduce noticeable symptoms, discomfort and overall sensitivity. Always use natural skincare products because they’re less irritating.

If you’re looking for a skincare lotion to calm your Rosacea condition, our Age IQ day and night set is ideal. This revolutionary skincare lotion set is full of botanical ingredients that help soothe and soften your skin. Being natural, it won’t aggravate your Rosacea but rather heal and empower it. Full of antioxidants and nutrients, the Age IQ skincare lotions will combat discolouration and combat any visible issues on the surface of your skin – such as one of the leading ingredients in our skincare lotion, SAL-14™. It’s a powerful blend that features the super-antioxidant bidens pilosa, along with mauritia flexuosa fruit oil, to help address existing damage.

At Nerium, we want you to feel in control, Rosacea or not. You can achieve this simply by switching your skincare lotion to a natural, healing solution. This will go a long way to reducing inflammations. With ingredients like aloe vera, green tea and coconut derivatives, you’ll see why all you need is a good skincare lotion and a few simple tweaks in your diet.