5 Ways to Maintain Your Youthful Glow

The fountain of youth isn’t real… but a good anti-ageing cream is.

Beauty is more than just how you look. It’s more than what you see, often contrary to what the media will tell you. And there’s nothing more beautiful than the way your face expresses joy. If you’re worried about ageing, sure, get a great anti-ageing cream, but it’s also important to work on how you feel inside. Because you can spot the happy people. Their energy is undeniable and they have that youthful, cheeky look.

Let’s start with our first tip and that is, don’t just invest in any anti-ageing cream.

  1. A natural anti-ageing cream (that actually works)

Find a day/night solution that utilises the specific hours to rebuild cells and protect your skin. A natural anti-ageing cream like our Age IQ range is designed to empower your skin. It does all the things an anti-ageing cream should do: hydrates, tightens and firms, smoothes texture, provides antioxidants and mimics natural age-fighting properties. If you only do one thing, invest in a powerful anti-ageing cream.

  1. Eat the right nutrients

Consuming nutrients help your cells replicate. Think of good food as the internal version of an anti-ageing cream. Avoid processed foods, toxins, and low-nutrient diets. This will work against your anti-ageing cream and affect all the great work you’re doing topically. Add these items to your shopping list: blueberries, pomegranates, acai berries, goji berries, spinach, raspberries, nuts, seeds, green tea and dark chocolate (yep, you read this right, ladies). Fill your plate with all the colours of the rainbow.

  1. Sleep enough & master relaxation

Let go of any perceptions or guilt when it comes to relaxing. Investing in your mental health and making it a priority will help that healthy glow. If you’re stressed or not getting enough sleep, even our Age IQ anti-ageing creams can lose their superpowers.

  1. Cleanse your body. Avoid toxins.

We’re exposed to more toxins every day than we can fathom. Luckily, our bodies work like an anti-ageing cream, as an efficient detoxification system. There are plenty of things you can do to help your body. Stop eating processed or canned foods and always reach for organic. Keep an eye on stimulant consumption like alcohol and caffeine. Avoid plastic water bottles because they contain BPA. Use natural household cleaners. Another way to cleanse your body and help your anti-ageing cream to do its thing is to start your day with a glass of lemon water.

  1. Exercise, lots.

Movement isn’t just good for our figures. It increases the circulation of oxygen and nutrients. Sweat also releases toxins, so don’t stress if you have too many glasses of wine one night. Your skin is clearer and firmer. Going back to our first point, the better you feel about yourself, the younger you look. Happier people have fewer signs of ageing. Their skin is more resilient which gives off that youthful look. How cool is that? Happiness = the most natural (and cheapest) anti-ageing cream on the market. And being anti-ageing cream experts, we can say this. So, ask yourself this: what brings you happiness?

These small shifts in your lifestyle, paired with an anti-ageing cream can do wonders for your skin. Get ready to feel that confidence boost when you tell people your age.