7 Signs Your Skin Is ‘Telling’ You Something, And What to Do About It

What Is Your Skin Telling You?

When you’re thirsty, your mouth becomes dry. It’s harder to swallow. Feeling sleepy? Your eyes will start to fall shut. Your body tells you what it needs. It’s just a matter of listening to it. Your skin is no different.

It’ll ‘tell’ you when it needs moisturiser or to start using an anti-ageing cream. Sure, there’s lots of talk as to when’s best to start your anti-ageing cream regime, but your body knows best. It might be 20 years, 25 or even 30… but you will switch over to an anti-ageing cream at some point. Listen (and watch) for changes… Then, invest in a good anti-ageing cream.

So, what are the common signs that your skin is crying out? And how can an anti-ageing cream help?

Dark Spots

You call them dark spots. We call them hyperpigmentation. It’s caused by a range of factors but mainly the effects of sun damage, inflammation, skin injuries or acne. Do you wear sunscreen every day? Apply your anti-ageing cream then use sunscreen. Find a good solution that’s high coverage and non-oily. Our day anti-ageing cream is lightweight in consistency.

Lines & wrinkles

They’ll start really fine, then expand. Catch those lines when they’re subtle by targeting that area with an anti-aging cream and eye serum. You’ll probably first spot these lines around your eyes, mouth and across your forehead. Give up the tanning sessions and ‘just one smoke’ on nights out. And, give into an anti-ageing cream regime.

Dry skin

You might not first assume that dry skin is linked to ageing but it is. As you get older, the body produces less oil. Counteract this with a hydrating anti-ageing cream that maximises the time of the day. At night, when there are no other products on your face, the consistency can be thicker (like our Age IQ anti-aging cream solution). Too much sun or chemical-filled skincare products can also cause dryness. The cause is less important than the action you take to re-hydrate it.

Dull, tired look

Sporting that always tired look, no matter how much sleep you get? That glow-less skin can be caused by extremes of temperature, air conditioning, and stress. Re-energise your skin with botanically-infused cleansers, oils and anti-ageing creams. Our IllumaBoost is designed to brighten and shield your skin, promote even tone and fight discolouration.


Adult acne is just embarrassing. But a simple change in your skincare regime could be the solution. Go for natural products that won’t dry your skin but also, contain the right consistency. For example, our anti-ageing cream (day) is a lightweight texture and won’t affect the results of your makeup. This means no regular re-applications throughout the day. When your skin is clear, you won’t need to rely on cosmetics as much to cover it. Yet another reason why anti-ageing creams are great from 20 onwards.

Open Pores

Your pores expand with age. Less collagen, your plumping substance, is produced, and the skin starts to lose its elasticity. Pores also become enlarged if they’re clogged with dead skin cells, oils and bacteria. Combat this with an awesome double cleanser and anti-ageing cream to refill your collagen ‘cup’.

Sagging skin

Been a yo-yo dieter in the past? This can affect the tautness of skin, making it loose and dull. Like stretch marks on your stomach after giving birth, sagging skin happens on your face, too. Choose an anti-ageing cream designed to help tighten and firm your skin’s appearance. Our night cream does this, then in the day, the day version of our Age IQ anti-aging cream takes on fine lines, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, and that unsexy sag.

Nerium listens to your skin with Age IQ day/night anti-ageing creams.

Our anti-ageing cream has worked for millions of people around the world… because of its powerful, age-defying ingredients. We understand that there are many anti-ageing cream products out there promising you the world, so we’re giving you a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t love your skin after using our Age IQ anti-ageing creams, we’ll refund your money.

94% of Age IQ anti-ageing cream users visibly noticed a reduced appearance of fine lines. But you need to feel and see how it works.