The Benefits Of A Good Anti-Ageing Cream

By November 23, 2018Skin Care Tips

You’ve seen the ‘turn back the clock’ ads,

But how do you really know, if anti-ageing creams work?

As we learn more about how our bodies age, more information (and products) start to emerge. We know anti-ageing creams help reduce wrinkles, lines and spots – but they don’t work overnight.

This is where people could start to lose faith. Anti-ageing creams are a long-term treatment and there’s no magic, overnight secret to getting rid of wrinkles. But if you pick the right anti-ageing cream, you’ll start to see improvements over a few weeks.

Age IQ, our anti-ageing cream set, works to simultaneously to target the current signs, as well as the underlying causes (to prevent lines before they’re visible).

Given the curated combination of botanical ingredients in our anti-ageing creams, you’ll experience so much more than less wrinkles. Our scientists have chosen specific ingredients that’ll help make your skin look luminous, every day.

Managing inflamed skin.

Grape seed extract, for example, is a natural anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling and heals wounds. Of course, it’s one of the ingredients in our anti-ageing creams, for these reasons. If you’ve suffered from inflammation issues or agitations, your anti-ageing cream could double as a treatment for this.

And roughness.

Is your face sometimes rough and lacking that baby-soft feel? Ingredients in anti-ageing creams like coenzyme Q10 can naturally help soften your complexion. Known for its growth and maintenance capabilities, CQ10 can bring back that youthful suppleness. Another anti-ageing cream ingredient that boosts the moisture levels is niacinamide.

Oh, and acne.

Adult acne. It’s a real (and very embarrassing) thing. But what’s cool about choosing a naturally-formulated anti-ageing cream, like ours, is it doubles as an acne remedy. Some of these ingredients are tea tree oil, honey, oatmeal, olive oil and rose water. Anti-ageing creams with tea tree oil in it are a powerfully natural treatment because of its antiseptic qualities.

Plus, energise your skin.  

An anti-ageing cream with ingredients like vitamin C and E can revive your tired-looking skin. Our anti-ageing creams, Age IQ, also have Nerium-exclusive blends with loads of special antioxidants that are known for their skin-brightening properties.

And if you pair your anti-ageing cream with an eye serum, it’ll help manage those under-eye circles that give off that tired look.

Want a moisturiser that does all of these things? Try Nerium’s Age IQ day and night set. You’re going to love both its short and long-term benefits.

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