The Easiest Way to Fix Dry, Flaky Skin

By September 24, 2018Skin Care Tips

It’s time to revisit your skin care cream!

Nothing is more frustrating than moisturising, then having dry skin minutes later. That skin care cream just seems to go on like water. Your face doesn’t feel soft, smooth or hydrated, which leads to issues with dryness. Splash on. Dry off.

Sound familiar?

We’ve got a simple fix. Change your skin care cream. There’s plenty of reasons why your complexion is dry. It could be as simple as the season and climate. Have you ever noticed your skin looks great in tropical environments? Of course, that salt water does wonders for your complexion, but it’s the humidity levels that give it that healthy hydrated look.

Ageing also causes dry and flaky skin. As our skin starts to lose its collagen and elasticity, it begins to break down over time. Our bodies can’t produce these proteins as easy as it used to, so relying on a good skin care cream is everything.

Dry vs. dehydrated skin. There’s a difference.

Often, we talk about having dry skin but what we really mean is dehydrated skin. Our skin naturally produces a protective oil, sebum. It acts as a barrier, which keeps the skin hydrated. When we’re lacking enough of this magical oil, we experience dry skin.

A dehydrated complexion, however, is the amount of water present in our bodies. Or, more accurately, the lack of it. Every cell our bodies need water. When we don’t have enough of it, our cells are dehydrated. And dehydration leads to dry skin because once it’s dry (lacking the natural oil barrier), it’s easier to lose the water content.

Dry flakiness is the result of a body that’s dehydrated.

Start by perfecting your skin care cream routine.

So, back to your skin care cream. That watery skin care cream that makes you question whether it’s even working. Moisturising is the most important step for you if you’re suffering from that constant dryness.

As well as investing in a botanical skin care cream like Age IQ, adjust your diet to include foods that’ll give you glowing skin. Consume blueberries, pineapple, avocado, spinach, sweet potatoes, salmon, mushrooms, nuts, greek yogurt, green tea and (wait for it), red wine.

Give your Age IQ skin care cream set a helping hand by also drinking lots of water, sleeping seven to eight hours a night and being sun smart. Better still, after you apply your skin care cream, flick on the humidifier to help hydrate your body more.

Try just two skin care creams, Age IQ Day and Night lotions, and see the difference it makes when you’re not dehydrated. Order it under our 30-day guarantee program, so you can see your face transform, risk-free.

That dewy, year-round, tropical-island glow can be your reality, with our skin care creams. Do this one thing: update your skin care creams to Age IQ and you’ll never see that dryness again.

Best of all, our skin care creams are perfect for all complexion types. It’s been given the stamp of approval by dermatologists. Now, give it yours.

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