How Do I Protect My Skin from Ageing?

Is It Time to Look at An Anti-Ageing Cream?

We all have our moment. The time when we decide to switch to anti-wrinkle cream and skincare products. You’re out with the girls and your friend tells you about her new anti-wrinkle cream. It hits you: wow, I’m not young anymore. Should I be using it too? Maybe you woke up and spotted a line that seemed to appear overnight. Damn stress.

Whatever way you reach this, we’re here for you now. We get that you might feel overwhelmed with all the anti-wrinkle cream products on the market. It’s hard to tell which one is good to progress with… from Clearasil, Olay, Dermalogica or your old brand of choice. Nerium’s anti-wrinkle cream and suite of age-fighting skincare not only protects your skin from developing wrinkles and fine lines. It reverses them, too.

What causes premature ageing?

Ageing is part of life but there are factors that affect the skin and promote ageing, both intrinsically and extrinsically. Intrinsic ageing isn’t really controllable. Invest in a great anti-wrinkle cream and let the simple beauties of life keep you wide-eyed and grateful. This will show in your face.

Externally, some things bring those wrinkles to the surface. Four main factors include sun damage, smoking, poor diet, and drinking too much alcohol. No amount of anti-wrinkle cream will reverse the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle that you’re not willing to change.

  1. Sun damage

While we Aussies love the sun, our skin doesn’t (at least in the long-term). Excess UV rays is the worst thing for it, if you want to look young. Make sure you always apply sunscreen after your anti-wrinkle cream.

  1. Smoking

There’s nothing good about puffing a ciggy, especially when it comes to your skin. With 0 benefits, give up the bad habit. Smoking constricts the blood vessels, which decreases blood supply to your skin. It dehydrates it, too. It’ll make your anti-wrinkle cream work harder. If you’ve been a smoker in the past or you’re in the process of quitting, give your skin some extra love with anti-wrinkle cream, eye serum and a botanical face wash – all water-rich products that your skin will ‘drink up.’

  1. Bad diet

Sugar is a major culprit for ageing when it comes to your diet. Again, no anti-wrinkle cream will reverse all those nights enjoying dessert. Eat the right fats, reduce sugar, and make sure you’re exercising regularly.

  1. Too much alcohol

Beers, gin and tonics, cocktails, wine and your other favourite drink of choice causes your skin to dehydrate. The opposite of what your anti-wrinkle cream will do. You know that flushed look you get while drinking? This is a sign that your tiny blood vessels are compromised. Anti-wrinkle cream is extra important after a night out but it’s best to limit your alcohol consumption.

Age IQ anti-wrinkle creams

If you’re reading this thinking oh no, I should give up my red wine love, don’t. Nerium’s anti-wrinkle creams help to repair the effects of ageing. The night cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles and addresses existing (and future) signs of ageing. This anti-wrinkle cream is different in that it aids in premature ageing, as well as minimises future wrinkles and lines. The anti-wrinkle cream protects your skin from oxidative stress, exposure to the environment, and binds moisture for a protective ‘layer’ against you and the world. It’s a multi-purpose anti-wrinkle cream that feels great on your skin.

The beautiful thing about aging is that no one is immune to it. Every human goes through it. But with a transformative anti-wrinkle cream for the day and night, an eye serum that targets this delicate area and healthy lifestyle choices, you can age with a youthful grace.

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