How to Make Wrinkles Less Visible, Naturally

So many eye Serums to choose from

Do a quick Google search and you’ll discover hundreds of wrinkle-reducing strategies. And while many of these have merit, nothing will come close to an eye serum. But not just any serum – ours features an exclusive ingredient SIG-1191™ that no other eye serum on the market has. There’s no ‘one like ours.’

Our eye serum has superpowers. It immediately reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, supports your skin’s natural structure, and matches your pH levels. You’ll love how it brightens and firms the appearance of the area around your eyes. It also reduces dark circles, puffiness, lines and wrinkles. It’s working for you when you wake up, and well into the future – boosting natural collagen and elastin for that perfectly plump complexion.

We could go on for days about this eye serum, but instead, we’ll give you more tips.

Get fruity with what you put on your face

Okay, so you’ve got a great eye serum, and we’ve spoken a lot about the importance of a day and night cream. But why not plan your own self-care Sundays? Take a bath, do a meditation, read a book and have fun with what you put on your face. Keep your serum on the bathroom cabinet shelf for a moment and experiment with your food ingredients.

Eggs, coconut oil & pineapple

For centuries, egg whites have been a natural way to revitalise your skin and minimise pores. Grab a couple of eggs, separate the yolk from the white, then apply a thin layer over your face. Let it dry and feel your skin get tighter. Leave it for 30 minutes, wash it off, and follow it up with your eye serum.

Coconut oil is a hot DIY face-mask ingredient right now. This oil is packed with natural fatty acids that help moisturise the skin. Hone in on those wrinkles and let the oil seep inwards. Olive oil is another easy alternative if you can’t get your hands on coconut oil. Then, of course, finish it off by applying your eye serum.

If there’s a fruit that contains powerful enzymes to help exfoliate, you can’t look past pineapple. Full of vitamin C to provide natural antioxidants as well, this fruit will make your face happy. Blend a pineapple, add some honey or yogurt, and apply to skin for 10 minutes. Papaya works too, but don’t forget to end your regime with the eye serum.

Turmeric, lemon & a massage

Another natural antioxidant is the spice, turmeric. Mix this power food with sugarcane juice (if you can find it) and make a paste. Apply to your skin, let it dry and do its thing. Do this once a week followed by, you guessed it, our eye serum. Lemon also offers exfoliating acids to help fade the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Combine lemon juice with one teaspoon of yogurt to tighten and uplift your skin before applying eye serum.

In the spirit of tropical holidays, massage your skin. This increases circulation and makes it more toned, before you use the eye serum, then day and night creams. All of these strategies complement the power of your cleanser, eye serum, and moisturisers.

Grab our transformative eye serum, then go ‘food shopping.’ When it comes to eye serums, it doesn’t get more natural than ours.

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