Secret (Skin) Weapons to Fight Age Spots

How Can I Protect Against Dark Spots?

Just when you thought you’d gotten over your teen-spot struggles, those age spots show their face. They might prompt you to start thinking about an anti-ageing cream, before you thought you ever would. So, what are they? How do you know you didn’t just get too much sun that day?

Do I really need an anti-ageing cream just yet?

Age spots occur of course, as you get older, like sun and liver spots. You’ll start to notice all those tanning sessions spent in the sun. Spots don’t just occur as you age, though.

Age pigment is the brown material that forms spots on your ageing skin. If you notice a new dark spot, it might be worth seeing a dermatologist (and invest in a good anti-ageing cream, of course). Don’t feel like it’s too late to prevent age spots. Our anti-ageing cream, for example, is designed to keep your skin smooth, supple, and clear.

Age IQ day and night anti-ageing creams fight signs of discolouration, uneven skin texture, sagging skin and inflammation. They’re designed to address both the signs of ageing and the causes. Pair your anti-ageing cream with Illumaboost to further brighten your skin’s appearance, even skin tone, and help plump it up.

But it’s not just about investing in a good anti-ageing cream and regime. What you put in your mouth also matters.

Reduce age spots through food, anti-ageing cream foods

Certain foods can help prevent and fade age spots and fuel your body at the same time – just as powerfully as an anti-ageing cream. Remove the polyunsaturated fats from your diet like vegetable oils, margarine, and saturated fats. Switch to coconut oil, olive oil, and monounsaturated fats. Keep an eye on your iron intake, too, particularly from processed foods. Iron becomes toxic in high levels (and will work against your anti-aging cream).

Get more antioxidants for protection from free radicals. Uncontrolled free radicals help create age pigments and antioxidants minimise this. Boosting your antioxidants will combat it (both through your diet and an anti-ageing cream). Start with ripe fruits and vegetables that are easy to digest. Avoid supplements and nourish yourself through real food, like tuna, oranges and raw vegetables. Vitamin E is your new best friend – both for appeasing free radicals and maintaining hormonal balance.

Your hormones matter, too. If you have excess estrogen, this contributes to the formation of age spots (which Age IQ anti-ageing creams target). Hormones also increases iron absorption, which could be problematic. Avoid synthetic hormones like the pill, stress, protein deficiency, and poor liver detoxification. They all increase your estrogen levels.

While there are plenty of DIY remedies to try (with your anti-ageing cream) that’ll dull those dark spots (like lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and papaya), you need a powerful anti-ageing cream. In our Age IQ anti-ageing cream, SAL-14 is one of the ingredients that fights dark spots. It’s an exclusive blend that features the antioxidant bidens pilosa and mauritia flexuosa fruit oil that help address discolouration.

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