What You Might Not Know About Sun Damage

By September 6, 2018Skin Care Tips

In your teens and 20s, you were probably fixated on that golden glow. That’s how you judged your summer – how tanned you were at the end of it. Then, something happens. Looking in the mirror, you spot a dark brown patch that’s come out of nowhere.

It’s subtle, but it’s there. Damn, I wish I was more careful in the sun, you think. Just because you notice the first signs of skin ageing, don’t panic. Take action instead. Starting with a good skin care cream.

Heck, even if you haven’t noticed any spots, the skin care cream you use is vital. We Aussies love our sun but not necessarily our skin. And with it being our biggest organ, it needs a particularly good skin care cream to keep hydrated and prevent that after-sun flakiness.

90% of visible signs of ageing are caused by the sun

We can thank the sun for a significant portion of fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots and freckles. But what you might not know is that up to 80% of the sun’s harmful UV rays can penetrate your skin, even when it’s cloudy. If you’ve ever wondered if you should spend that little bit extra on a good skin care cream and sunscreen, the answer is yes. Yes, yes, yes!

No matter what skin tone or type you have, the sun can affect it. Unfortunately, the damage isn’t only skin deep. UV radiation changes the DNA of your skin cells, which leads to the lines, wrinkles and discolouration. But just before you freak out and never leave the house again, there’s good news. You can reverse the damage, and it starts with, you guessed it, a good skin care cream.

How to reduce the effects of skin pigmentation

It’s not too late, and it doesn’t have to be hard either. Just because you weren’t fully aware of it in your youth doesn’t mean you have to pay the price now.

  • Get yourself a powerful (natural) skin care cream

Our skin care cream set, Age IQ, boosts the cell renewal process to heal and mimic natural age-fighting properties. The day skin care cream binds moisture for intense hydration and fights the appearance of skin spots, uneven tone, discolouration, lines, and wrinkles. At night, the skin care cream improves clarity and radiance and restores it while you sleep.

  • Use a brightener to tackle spots & discolouration

IllumaBoost features our proprietary PhytoLumina complex which brightens your complexion and fights discolouration and damage. Think of it as your night ‘sunscreen’, but you can use it in the day, too, after your skin care cream.

PhytoLumina is a blend of plant-based ingredients, alpinia officinarum root extract, physalis pubescens fruit juice, and bidens pilosa extract. It’s a great product to give your skin care cream that helping hand.

  • Arm yourself with antioxidants

Double up on your antioxidants by choosing a skin care cream packed with this age-fighting, DNA-protecting goodness. Vitamin C–based antioxidants are useful for minimising that uneven, brown pigmentation. This is a leading ingredient in our skin care creams. Make sure your plate is packed with colourful antioxidant-rich foods, too.

As well as your day and night skin care cream applications, throw in weekly exfoliating and don’t forget to wear sunscreen every day. No excuses, ifs or buts.

Grab your Age IQ skin care cream set and IllumaBoost under our 30-day guarantee program. Don’t lose your love for the sun. Just use your IQ.