Kylie Larkman’s Nerium Brand Partner Story

Kylie Larkman is a devoted mother of four. She has tried her hand at many things in her life and her passion is helping people to believe anything is possible. She aims to inspire and motivate as many people as possible, so that she can leave a legacy of kindness and hope for her children.

Throughout her life, Kylie has fought battles with cancer and had to overcome many more hurdles. Kylie has always been close with her kids, and always done everything possible to have them want for nothing. But somewhere along the way, in throwing herself into motherhood, she lost herself. She retreated from the world, put a wall up and locked herself in a top security prison. She lost her confidence and all belief in herself.

In just one year with Nerium, Kylie has changed dramatically within herself and intends to keep changing for the rest of her life, thanks to the tools she has been given. Kylie tells us that Nerium was not something she ever expected to find, let alone join, but now, she believes in listening to and working from your heart. Today, Kylie shares her Nerium journey with us.

What made you join the Nerium Family?

I joined Nerium after answering a post on Facebook that said, “Can I borrow your face for five days?”. I’ll never know why I initially replied, as I used no skin care or anything at the time. Nerium Brand Partner Jojo Smith gave me a free trial and the results were amazing. But the truth is, I couldn’t afford to buy anything, let alone something just for me. We got talking and she was convinced I would be great at this business. I was not as convinced and I think I actually laughed at her. I had no real network and had kept to myself for a long, long time. It just goes to show what can happen when someone believes in you. I’m so glad I answered her post and felt her enthusiasm. It was contagious and I haven’t looked back.

What is your favourite part about the company?

The culture. We get to help people every single day to look and feel great – I always say it’s my dream job. The more people I help, the more belief they find, the more we change our lives together and the more we all become who we choose to be. There’s no push to do more or less than you can and we all get to find out who we are really capable of being. The teams we build become part of our families and the bonds will be eternal. We work together to create something truly incredible, and for this I will always feel blessed. I love the Nerium family we are building.

What is your favourite product and why?

I find it very hard to choose a product because I love them all. But I had quite a few bad scars from my childhood that were made worse by pregnancy, and I’m very excited to say that the Firming Body Contour Cream has really improved that which has increased my confidence. My results are amazing.

What would you say to someone who was looking to join Nerium?

I would say; we have all been at the first step and most of us were equally unsure. Take the leap. Lock in and follow the system, reach out for support and trust the tools. Your life will change dramatically. Those who know me never would have expected me to do this. Yet they are so aware of the changes it has made to my life. The personal development and the culture alone are incredible, add the products into the equation and we are truly blessed. Do the tasks each day and you can’t fail. There’s no such thing as failing here. Just learning and growing. It is the most amazing thing to be part of.

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