Jenna Hattersley’s Nerium Brand Partner Story

Jenna Hattersley, from Orange NSW, is about to set off on an adventure with her husband and two children (3-year-old & 9-month-old) in a caravan exploring Australia and growing her business. She has learnt from this business the way to true happiness is to live in the moment. Don’t wait, go after those goals and grow as a person whilst enjoying the moment. Jenna now shares with us her Nerium story.

What made you join the Nerium Family?

I had been working in administration for around 12 years, and felt myself getting caught in a funk. I seemed to be working just to pay the bills and was losing enjoyment in my career. As with many people who seem to work for someone else, you put in all the work and effort, without being recognised for them.

My husband and I were trying to fall pregnant with our second child and I felt like life was passing me by, without living to my full potential. A friend approached me one day about the Nerium business that was going to launch in Australia. It dawned on me, that this was something I could do for me. I could put in the effort, I could be at home with my kids and own a business, without the excessive start-up costs. I just couldn’t shake the idea of what if? What if it worked out for someone else and I passed the opportunity by? So, I said why not?! In the end, it was a simple decision to make. I started to focus on the opportunity and was so excited about it, I knew it was something I had to do.

What is your favourite part about the company?

Nerium has allowed me to build and develop friendships that money just can’t buy! Part of my Nerium family are in Nashville, Tennessee. I had spoken on Zoom Calls and my husband convinced me to go to Dallas for Get Real 2016. What an experience! I got to meet Linlee, Deb, Kris and Fulton. They are like a second family for me and my family! Our Nashville friends came to our home for 2 weeks when Australia launched, and in November 2017, my husband and I, with our two children, travelled to Tennessee for over 3 weeks and had the most amazing experiences.

Nerium has not only provided me with amazing people in my life, it has also provided me with the most amazing personal development opportunities and drive. I don’t go a day without reading a few pages from a good book about self-development. Since I can still see this amazing opportunity in front of me, and now have an amazing mindset about life, my husband and I will be travelling around Australia with our two kids exploring our amazing country and spending time together as a family. It has always been a dream of ours to travel Australia, and we thought we would do it one day when the kids were older or when we got to retirement. With our new outlook on life, one day we decided why not now? The more we discussed it, the more we had to do it. I can continue to grow my Nerium business, proving our lifestyle and freedom is possible with this business and help others along the way.

What is your favourite product and why?

This is such a hard question – before Nerium I would splash water on my face and throw some coconut oil on my skin. Now I have a full skin care routine that I know is repairing and maintaining my skin for the future. I know exactly what I’m putting on my skin and love the simplicity. However, if I had to pick, I REALLY love the Double Cleansing Botanical Face Wash. I love how it takes off all my makeup and grime from the day and then when I splash water on my face it turns into a deeper cleanse. It has a beautiful aroma and it makes my skin feel so soft and clean.

What would you say to someone who was looking to join Nerium?

Who wouldn’t want to lose wrinkles, drive an Audi and get paid for it?!

I have been with Nerium for a little over a year now, and the distance I have come in that time still motivates me. One of the most exciting things is that we are only just over 12 months old in Australia, with such a journey in front of us! If you stick to it and be consistent I have no doubt anyone can be successful. I would also say to them that you get out of it what you put into it. I can’t wait for what’s in store for me!

However, do what is right for you and don’t listen to anyone else. I remember sitting around a camp fire with all our friends and I told them I was about to start with a business called Nerium. They all laughed at me, and I said to them “you won’t be laughing when I’m earning a three-figure income!” I had realised what I said (obviously I meant six-figure!) and they ALL laughed so hard. That is a story I can laugh at, but with some of the other comments I have got from people, could have driven someone to quit before starting. I wanted to keep going, to reap the rewards, and to prove them wrong. I am, and I will continue to.

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