How to Make 2018 Your Best Year

Was 2017 amazing? Or just another year that was relatively, uneventful? Whichever way it unfolded for you, a new year brings opportunities. While every day is a chance to start anew, January brings anticipation and motivation.

Before you get side-tracked with the things that you want to achieve this year, take a step back for a second. Go back to your ‘why’. Maybe this is something you’ve never even looked at before.

What drives everything you do? When it’s 6.00AM, what gets you out of bed in the morning? (Apart from the smell of coffee). Is there a word that always comes back to you?

Freedom. Fulfilment. Creativity. Happiness. Adventure. Recognition.

Get clarity on exactly what your ‘why’ is, then use it as your compass to direct every decision you make this year. Everything you do should be in service of this mission.

Will doing this get me closer to my goal?

Asking yourself this question will help you be more intentional about your thoughts, decisions, actions, and, as a result, your future. It helps remove the fog and brings clarity. Don’t forget to reflect on 2017. If it wasn’t a great year, you’ve probably already closed the door on it. But if you can spend an afternoon unpacking what worked and what didn’t, and your wins and losses, this will help explain a few things.

Use the SMART method to create goals

Once you’ve got your ‘why’ and revisited the previous year, start visualising what you want for 2018. Follow the SMART format if you’re struggling with this step.

It breaks the process down: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Rewarding and Trackable.

Turn your list into an imaginative, visionary session. Write down what you want, picture it in your mind, and feel it. Find out what motivates you. Is it subtle reminders every day, like vision boards or morning mantras? Maybe you work better with a group of friends, so you can all keep each other accountable.

Goals are meant to be a little bit out of your reach. They should challenge you. But, it’s important to break them down into actionable, tangible steps. Setbacks will happen, but don’t let them stop you. Turn them into opportunities to learn and realign your focus and actions.

Plan your days, based on your goals, but be flexible enough to follow how you feel in the moment. Listen to what your body is telling you. If something doesn’t sit right with you, let it go. Flipping that, if something does but you’re not sure whether to pursue it, give it a go. Your intuition won’t steer you in the wrong direction.