Date Ideas That You (And Your Skin) Will Love!

Stuck for ideas on what to do for Valentine’s Day? Why not try something a little different from the standard romantic, candle-lit dinner. Perhaps spend it outdoors, soaking up some skin-loving vitamin D? Let the fresh air bring out the natural flush of your cheeks and watch your skin reflect that summery glow.

Outdoor activities stimulate and enhance the circulation of blood. This ensures an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients reaches all parts of the skin, making it supple and looking energised. And if you’re not afraid to – move around and sweat. It’ll eliminate toxins, activate and regulate sebum – a natural moisturiser for the skin. Your face and body will have that dewy, summer glow.

What’s your version of fun outdoors?

At the beach…

If you love ‘long walks on the beach’, head to the seaside for your date. There are plenty of things to keep you occupied. Bring your bathers and go swimming. The sea water is a magic potion for skin – helping it cool down while absorbing the natural vitamins and minerals in the sea water. It’s also great for dry or inflamed skin, hydrating and invigorating it. If you’re feeling energetic, play some beach volleyball or go for a jog along the water’s edge. Grab fish and chips and sit on the sand to catch the sunset.

Up in the hills…

Pack your bag full of water and snacks, then secure your bikes on your car rack. Drive to the start of a riding trail and make a day of it, cycling through the hills. There’s nothing your skin loves more than fresh air. You can stop at different points and also go trekking, which increases circulation and the quality of your skin.

In the city…

If you’re not too full after dinner, hit the dancefloor. It’s fun and you’ll get that feel-good energy flowing through you. Don’t worry if you’re not ‘good,’ it’s not a competition, but rather, a unique way to spend your romantic day.

Good skin health isn’t just about going to the spa. Get out, move about, have fun, and make your skin glow with a love for life. Just don’t forget the sunscreen.